Optus Twitter Response Team

For my home internet, I have an Optus cable modem that I’ve had since I moved into this house in July 2000 (home broadband for nearly 10 years !)

We’ve also got an Optus home phone – and I have an Optus mobile phone also – so yes, I’m an “Optus customer”.

Have been having some billing problems later – about direct-debiting vs. bill sent in the mail.  I’d asked to have this stopped via a phone call (to India !) – BUT – it was direct debited again the following month !   *aarrgghh*

In frustration and a bit cranky, I tweet’ed (aka – twitter update) saying “damn u Optus, why did you muck it up ?!?  FFS !”.  Not verbatim, but something like that.

A little later I had a Twitter response from @Optus, who asked for my mobile phone number to discuss the problem.   Wow – cool service !  

I just DM’ed my phone number – and they rang me a little later, and they were able to fix up the direct debit billing thingo – the dude actually rang me a second time a little later, after some more info to report – nice one. 

So (hopefully) it’s sorted out for next month.

In essence – a shout-out complaint resulted in Optus being able to appease a Grumpy Wookie, and sort out the problem too – without me having to ring, or email or anything. 

They rang ME !   Very cool.

Another thought recently has been to switch my mobile phone (yes – thinking about iPhone’ing – just need to pay out the contract).

I’d previously spoken to people in an Optus mobile store (a few months ago) – but haven’t had time to do so again lately – always crazy busy at lunch time (in the city) – and Saturday’s with the kids in tow is just as tricky.

Same with ringing up – there’s that damn annoying voice recognition software : 

Please say the product you’re ringing about…?    IN-TER-NET !!   

And, if there’s kids making noise & ruckus in the background, it gets heard by the software – and I ended up more and more frustrated. 

PLUS – they’re only only until 8 pm (!) and that’s usual crazy put-the-kids-to-bed time.


Enter Twitter.

From my work laptop, just a quick DM to @Optus asking about the payout cost for my phone, and back to work.

The phone rang about 20 mins later, and I got “Hi, it’s Rhys from the Optus Twitter Response Team – I’ve got the figures about your payout.”  Cool, eh ?

Great service from a ‘communications’ company – who are monitoring all forms of communication – push vs pull responses, etc.  

You could even say it’s an ‘asynchronous support request’…   he he…

It’s a service industry these days for commodity products like phone, internet, and even the electricity and gas companies – and insurance companies, health funds, superannuation companies – and BANKS !  

Listening to customers via social networks is the next level of “service” in my opinion. 

Maybe the ‘new wave’ – certainly the teens of today are heavy users of social media, and they’re the next folk to be getting mobile phones, renting apartments & needing gas, electricity, etc.

Being able to respond to “Gen-Z” customers in this way is a smart business strategy, a key ‘service’ differentiator – and likely to attract and retain more happy customers – like me !!


So – listen up all you service mobs – like Telstra, National Australia Bank, AGL, AAMI and all the rest – wake up – and catch up. 

Unless you’re not on the social networking band wagon already of course…

I reckon Optus have a pretty good customer service model – well, that’s just my opinion…   or maybe just a few too many Bourbon & Cokes on a Friday evening.

Either way – kudos to Optus – thanks lads !

And “Viva la Twitter” !!


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