Visual Studio 2008 using 600 MB of RAM !

Have been developing SharePoint components lately, within a Virtual Machine environment – and it’s been getting slower and slower – still fairly slow after re-booting.

The VM has (only) 2 GB of RAM allocated, which has been “OK” for SharePoint, SQL Server, Visual Studio and so forth.

But – the memory use – and processor – have been spiking off the chart in the last day or so – with Visual Studio using 500-600 MB of RAM. 

Have tried re-booting, and the memory – and processor – jumps up almost immediately after opening my Visual Studio solution.


BUT – the other developers in my team don’t have the same memory problems (within Visual Studio) – and when I open a NEW project in Visual Studio, all appears OK.

Just on a whim, I checked the files in the solution folder – and noticed something a little odd :


It looks like the “SUO” file – Visual Studio Solution User Options – is nearly 60 MB in size !!    WTF ?

Quick check on the other’ developer’s VM’s – and it’s about 130 KB – less than 1% of the size !

I don’t exactly know what’s in that file, it’s all in binary –  must be corrupted somehow ?   And Visual Studio is churned through it, checked, loading, saving, whatever.

So – I just deleted the file – and re-opened my Visual Studio solution.

A new SUO file was immediately created – and voila !   Visual Studio is ticking away MUCH happier at about 130 MB of RAM.

And – the new SUO file is about 115 KB in size – much better than 60 MB !

So – if you find Visual Studio is running sloooow – or using a truckload of RAM – check and see if there’s a bloated & unnecessarily large SUO file.

Now, what exactly *IS* an SUO file ?!?   “User Options” – not source code – don’t know much more than that, sorry.  But, enough for me to know that I can DELETE it.


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