Will be Christmas before you know it !

Has been a hectic crazy year – into October already – daylight savings has started, and warmer weather is on the way (hopefully !) 

Just wanted to blog a few recent happenings and what’s news in my world :

* Have had a new oven installed in our kitchen

* Health kick been going well – have been eating better, and walking every day from Richmond train station to Flinders St.   Been taking photos along the way : Blue Sky + BubbleDome + Fed Square

* New outdoor table & chairs, and been digging in preparation for gas & electricity lines to get the spa going – plan to be ready by Christmas

* Trying to get out for bike rides – having to take a break for a week or two, following a recent operation (not going to give too much information – if you know me, you know what I mean)

* Lots and lots of fun with family – the whole “party of five” :

* Charlie is 3 months already, and has begun rolling from his back to tummy – already ?  

* Cameron – more and more Lego, and playing Wii games

* Liam – he’s nearly TWO !  Will do a full post soon about what he’s been up to

* Donna – she’s been amazing lately – juggling tricky kids (Cameron lately !) – and some nights with lots of wake-ups for feeding/crying.

Other stuff :

* Going to see SLAYER + MEGADETH on Friday night !   w00t !   Haven’t been to a gig/show for a long time – probably since Nine Inch Nails back in February 2009

* Speaking of NIN – they had their last ever show, with a 3 hour set – and lots of speculation about what’s next (?)   One thing that’s expected for early 2010 is a re-release of The Fragile album – wait and see !

* Reading – just finished Marilyn Manson’s “The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell” – a few years old, but still some interesting tales & his life story.   Next up – hoping to read another rock-n-roll biography “I Am Ozzy

* Mountain Biking – been watching some awesome doco videos & movies – especially the “Seasons” video from The Collective.

* Speaking of Mountain Biking – Sam Hill (AUS) won the final round of the UCI Mountain Biking World Cup in Schladming, Austria – and thus won the season overall (for the first time) !   

* Next year’s MTB Calendar (2010) has been released – click here to see.

* Lastly on the MTB front, there’s an MTBA event happening in Avoca in Northern Victoria in April – just happens to be up-the-road from my parents holiday country house, and is actually *ON* my birthday !   I’m thinking of registering and participating in the 33 km event – doesn’t matter if I come last, would be fun to be part of it. 

* SharePoint – lots of new information coming with the SharePoint Conference happening in Las Vegas.  Check out Twitter Search #SPC09 for the announcements and latest info – as it happens !

* Also, SharePoint Saturday is happening in Melbourne in November.  I’m hoping to put together a session along with a buddy from MOSSIG – will update more as it happens – ie. we still have worked out all the details !   More info here from Brian Farnhill, one of the organisors of the [very successful] SharePoint Saturday.


That’s about all from me – key an eye on Twitter for bits & pieces from me – more regular than the blog updates of late !    @grumpywookie


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