Star Wars Expo

Last weekend, we had a family outing to the Star Wars “Where Science Meets Imagination” expo at ScienceWorks

I’d received tickets for my birthday back in April – was about time to go check it out !


The exhibit contains many, MANY artefacts from when the original Star Wars films were firstly filmed – miniatures, light sabre handles, costumes, and even the Land Speeder that Luke Skywalker owned on Tattooine (very cool) !

Some of my faves :

* Wampa creature – ice monster on Hoth

* Darth Vader’s helmet in 3 parts – as in Empire/Jedi

* Chewbacca !!  And other wookies from Revenge Of The Sith

* R2 D2, C3PO, droids galore – and Princess Leia’s white gown (Star Wars)

* Models of Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer, Pod Racers and a big Tantive-IV (the first ship you see in Star Wars, being pursued by a Star Destroyer)

* Thermal Detonator, plus many type of guns and rifles

Image628 Image629 Image630 Image631


 Image639Image642 Image643 Image636


And, then some characters came out in dress-up, but Cameron was scared of Darth Vader !    (the force is strong with him…)


If you’re a Star Wars fan – don’t miss this show !   It’s on until end of November, or thereabouts.

Thanks “family” – was great to get out as a “party of five”…   😉


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