September FTW !

Shaping up to be a huuuge month ahead – for me, and the stuff that I love :

World Rally comes to Australia (Northern Rivers NSW)

This weekend (started today) is the Australian round of the World Rally Championship – otherwise known as Rally Australia

I haven’t been followed the WRC so much this year, with only TWO factory teams competing – Ford and Citroen. 

The old hey-day when I went to New Zealand (twice) – with Subaru, Ford, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Peugeot, Skoda, Hyundai – as well as Ford – seem so long ago.

Just saw in the TV guide that it was on ONE-HD, and discovered the event was on !   Good to see some fast forest driving from Sebastian Loeb, and Mikko Hirvonen.

World Mountain Bike Cup comes to Australia (Canberra)

Have been following the events in the UCI Mountain Bike scene – with the top dudes Sam Hill (Australia !), and Steve Peat, Greg Minaar, and Gee Atherton. 

I was actually a track marshal/volunteer when the World Mountain Bike Cup was held in Cairns, back in 1995 – and actually rode the DownHill track a week or so after the event – and had a big crash, and “pretzled” my front wheel – a tale for another day.

Anyway, I will be keeping an eye on the website & twitter for some results – the ‘formula 1’ of events is the DHI (Downhill International) being held on Sunday arvo.

Nine Inch Nails comes to an end (Los Angeles)

Also happening this weekend is the last ever shows by Nine Inch Nails.  Again, I’ve been following with interest on Twitter – and

The last few shows have been amazing – with the playing of the entire “The Downward Spiral” – supposedly the first and only time they will ever do certain songs (eg. A Warm Place)

The shows in New York, and then Chicago were live-tweeted, and I was updating the corresponding page in the ninwiki site – kinda cool to be a part of it !

Trent Reznor had to cancel a show (last night) due to being ill, with a bad cold/flu – so hopefully he will be OK for the last two shows – and then close the door on 20 years.

Microsoft – Partner Conference

During the last few days, a bunch of colleagues from OBS have been attending the Australian Partner Conference (APC), following on from the World Partner Conference (WPC) in New Orleans, a month or two ago.

Very much a sales-oriented and non-technical event (yawn ?) – it sounds like it was a big success, and a lot of fun.  Including OBS CEO Brian Cook playing guitar with a few other folk (competitors, no less !) – with a great review, so much so that they’ve been invited back to re-form next year !   

Also – OBS were the winner of the “Community Impact Initiative Partner of the Year” award.   Congrats & well done to the team.

Microsoft – Tech Ed

Next week, the technical version of Microsoft gatherings begins at the Gold Coast convention centre.   I’ve got a big week in store, including TWO exams booked, and sessions galore – including Lego-Serious-Play (!), Visual Studio 2010, Oslo, SharePoint+CRM, and a closing party at DreamWorld.

Suffice to say, I’m pretty fired up about TechEd – has been a long time coming, after booking back in March/April – instead of the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas (couldn’t afford the time or $$).

What Else – in September ?

Have initiated a bit of a health kick for myself, trying to eat a little better, and get some more exercise in my daily routine.  Time is the enemy in the evenings and weekend, so I’ve taken to walking more in the morning. 

Each day for the last week, I’ve jumped off the train at Richmond, and walked to Flinders St – along the Yarra.

Really nice start to the day, with the spring weather making me fall in love with Melbourne each & every day.   (mind you, the peaceful walk is usually sound-tracked by Slayer, Pantera or Fear Factory).  

Have finally booked the family to go to the Star Wars expo at ScienceWorks.  I was given a double pass for my birthday back in April – and it finishes in November – will be good to check out all the old props & exhibits.

Family life is pretty chaotic, but lots of fun.  Little Charlie is now smiling lots, and beginning to laugh as well – great to see him growing, and Cameron & Liam wanting to give him kisses & hugs. 

Sunday is Father’s Day – will be a houseful of 7 kids (only 3 that are mine !) as well as my parents, and Donna’s family – 9 adults in total.   *phew*

Weatherwise, September is looking nice – we have a new outdoor table setting, gearing up for summer, and I (should) be able to get out on some bike rides (yesss !)

September is also the AFL Foozball Grand Prix DanceFest – hope your team scores more runs & LBW’s than the others – with no offsides, or fouls.

There you have it.   Lots happening in my world, hope all is great in yours.



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