Three weeks till NerdFest

Otherwise known as TECH ED AUSTRALIA…!

Last time I went along to Tech Ed (2007), I was with a bunch of people from SDM – and pretty excited to be going to see and hear new bits & pieces from Microsoft.

The big sessions I recall were about Visual Studio 2008 – and Enterprise Library – and the “Dinner Now” project – as well as lots of K2 BlackPearl sessions.

The thing that surprised me was the ‘networking’ – and I’m not talking CAT-5, ethernet or named-pipes.

The best part about the conference was getting to meet & chat to lots of folk that I knew from emails, blogs, or Twitter – as well as with folk from my company who were from interstate – and good to check out the Trade Hall.  

Lots of drinks at the K2 Underground party, shooter bar, and fun at the MovieWorld party.

This year – it’s back to the Gold Coast.  Was in Sydney last year (2008) – but I had just changed company, and other reasons precluded me from attending.

There’s a whole NEW set of info to see/talk about – I’m deeply entrenched with the SharePoint dev platform now – although there’s only a few sessions about SharePoint – a lot is awaiting the big SharePoint conference in Las Vegas.

It will be great to see/hear about Azure, Oslo, Visual Studio 2010, Windows 7, HTML 5 – and of course, get a HP 2010 NetBook.

And – the closing party is at DreamWorld this year.

AND – I’m planning to do at least ONE exam – hopefully TWO – so I’d better get studying.

This time in three weeks, I’ll be on the Gold Coast !    Hope to see you there !



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