2nd Half Of The Year

Has been a VERY busy few weeks lately – and yes, we’re into the 2nd half of 2009.  

With the birth of Charlie & general family stuff, I simply haven’t have a chance to post a ‘mid-year review’.

Mucho kudos to Andy and Andrew – has taken me close to three weeks, not three days !

Looking back to the start of 2009, I had a bunch of thoughts that the year would bring.

Here’s each ‘category’ in summary – with some ‘scoreboard’ responses :


  • More SharePoint, get some development work happening, and K2 projects – hopefully see K2 BlackPoint (finally).
  • Office-14 (SharePoint vNext) – will be great to see/hear some new features, hopefully get a BETA slot soon.
  • Exams – yep, need to do some SharePoint exams – SOON !
  • Dimension Data – get more involved with other teams, cross LOB projects & undertakings, push SharePoint + K2 from within
  • User Groups – present some sessions at MOSSIG, maybe (maybe NOT) get involved with the board/organizing, etc


  • Lots of SharePoint dev work lately, in fact it’s the ‘only’ work these days.  
  • Barely any K2 projects, not in the last 3 months at least (and haven’t done anything with K2 BlackPoint – just a bit of beta testing / prezzo’s).
  • Office 14 – and SharePoint 2010 – some news in the last week or so, from WPC – it’s going to be a lot of learning in the next 6 months !
  • Exams – um, yep.  Nope.   I mean…   Yep, still need to get studying.
  • Dimension Data ?    Well, I have actually changed companies in the last few months !   The role at DD had not exactly worked out the way I’d hoped or expected.
  • Moved to OBS about 3-4 months ago, and has been going great.  Has definitely been a good move for me, from a career + technical workload standpoint – as well as socially, and workplace life / fun.
  • I popped in to the office on Friday night after approx 3 weeks of leave, and another week back at work (on-site).   Was so good to see everyone, and chat / laugh about stuff that’s been happening.  Really feel like it’s a “home” now – and feel part of the team – and I have moved on to welcoming new starters, now that I’m NOT one of the newbies any more !
  • User Groups – presented at MOSSIG session in April, along with Elaine van Bergen – about SharePoint development – from a business & technical standpoint.  
  • More on the subject of “K2”….   Was a bit tricky when moving to OBS, with OBS being a partner of Nintex, who are a competitor for K2.   Without re-telling a big tale, it has transpired recently that I’m no longer involved in the “K2 Insider” program, which is partially a blessing – as I haven’t had the time to dedicate to beta testing, or blogging.  
  • Recent projects have been SharePoint “only”, currently into a new ‘Publishing’ site for a large government client – will be a BIG site, and good profile.


  • Spend some relaxation time with some gaming, and teach Cameron some more fun with video games.
  • Squash & cycling – do more of – and make sure I stay fit, and don’t put on that 10 KG I’ve lost !
  • Reading – hit the couch with a book, instead of plonk in front of TV or PC.  
  • …and sort through those old boxes of CD’s, MP3’s etc.


  • Video Games – Guitar Hero Metallica !     Have played this LOTS, and even played a few games with Cameron – Need For Speed – and Bowling (Wii)
  • Squash – stopped about Easter time – need to get back to some regular games, just have to ‘”book a day” – and make it happen
  • Cycling – have just got a new Mountain Bike, but has been too cold/wet – or too busy to go out
  • And – doh – have put back about 7-8 of the 10 kg I’d lost.   I blame winter – and sympathy preggy belly.     😉
  • Reading – have been back on the train – recently read the Heroin Diaries book by Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue) – and into a new Jason Bourne book.  
  • Time is getting less & less in this department (rest/play) – need to make sure I get “some” rest/play activities for ME – as well as catch up with some mates
  • And – have play time with the three lads – and out-and-about with the family (all 5 of us !)


  • Complete the spa and back yard area.   Work on a few “maintenance” projects, like new guttering and kitchen pantry area.  
  • Save $$ along the way – work on plans for new house to be bulldozed & re-built (5 year plan)
  • Clean up side of house, remove old rocks & junk – maybe build a “bike shed” area


  • Spa area is well on the way – need to dig up a trench for a new gas line.  Was actually outside digging today.  Need to arrange a gas plumber next.
  • Kitchen – yep, have a new pantry – just finished painting the plaster surrounding the new cupboards.
  • Holding off other reno’s – just some re-jigging as required.   Have moved Cameron & Liam into the same bedroom, will need to re-paint Charlie’s new room in the next few months – and get a bunk bed !
  • Still thinking / planning about bull-dozing and re-building a new house – might need a new car in the next 6 months though – will wait and see
  • The house next door might get bulldozed – was sold recently, needs a LOT of work.   Smaller than our house, and in need of work – and went for 2.5 times what we paid for our place – $70K more than lower end of the expected range


  • Have heaps more fun with Liam now that he’s more able to “play” – and his personality is developing.
  • Lots of Dad time with Cameron also.   More bike-rides, have a camping trip in the back-yard, take Cameron fishing, motor show, maybe to see V8’s at Sandown.
  • Support Donna with the family & workload within the household, with arrival of new baby !    Make time for “us”, even if just out to a movie, or playing cards together.
  • Somehow, find more love to give to a new little’un – due in June.


  • Have been having lots of fun with Liam lately – he’s a great lad, good sense of humour, and sooo clever (aka cheeky !?).   He’s often calling out to me – Daaaa-aaa-aad – and we have some fun wrestles / tickles – and love reading books, or playing Lego togehter.
  • Cameron – yep, took him to the Motor Show, and have had lots of fun times with bike rides, and Lego construction – as well as taking the dog to the park, and puddle-splashing. 
  • Need to make sure both Cameron AND Liam get attention and fun with Dad (me).  They’re both starting to suffer the effects of less attention, now that Charlie is taking lots of our time (mainly Mum).  
  • Donna – had a fairly tough pregnancy – it’s really good to “have her back”, she seems so much happier.   In her words, it feels great to know that “I never have to do that again”.  Will be some tough + tired days ahead – but we’re loving having three lads – never thought we’d have enough love to share, but you always find more (somehow).
  • Other family stuff – spent some time creating a blog post, and PDF about my GrandDad for ANZAC day


  • More of the same, with SharePoint articles – will be LOTS to talk about with the new SharePoint version (of course – observing any NDA’s, etc !)
  • Get along to the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) – as an overseas trip with another work colleague.   Consider carefully – with regard to $$ and time away from wife + THREE kids.
  • Make time for “me” – will be harder than ever before, but important to stay sane !


  • MUCH Less on the blog front – with barely anything on the K2 blog (devK2) – and only 34 posts this year on Grumpy Wookie.  I guess this is due to less time on my hands – as well as LOTS of Twitter’ing – aka micro-blogging.
  • Have a bunch of “to-do” posts which were on home PC, old work laptop, new work laptop, etc – I’ve put a bunch on my Live Mesh folder, and will get to some of these soon (hopefully)
  • Not going to PDC – or the SharePoint / K2 conference – but have bought a ticket/flights to TechEd Australia – on the Gold Coast !!    *yay*
  • Time for me – yes, please !    Bike riding – that’s enough for now – went out a week ago – and was exhilarating – just to power along on my own.

Lots of other random/incidental stuff in the last 6 months or so (blogged already) :

  • Windows 7 – been loving it
  • Created a website for a buddy, just some static HTML.   The result was that I was able to buy myself a new Mountain Bike – Giant Alias.
  • My book arrived – Professional K2 BlackPearl !    It’s sold about 2, 700 copies worldwide so far – not a best-seller, but an achievement none-the-less.
  • Lots of Twitter’ing – and TwitPic’ing.
  • Photography – loving the digital SLR – lots and LOTS of photos of the kids – especially enjoying Black & White ‘portrait’ style shots
  • Lots of Nine Inch Nails – in big doses – saw them twice recently, and blogged accordingly : here and here.  
  • I even put together an April 1st joke – with a combined Nine Inch Nails and Guns N Roses gig – aka NailGun.
  • Enjoyed watching some of the DVD and formatted videos, using the Lights In The Sky footage – and following the many set-lists & taper’s from the NIN|JA tour


Has been a full-on six months – even more so, when looking back at it.

I know the next six months will be a fair does of “survival” – with three young kids – and the highlight of Tech.Ed in September.

And – SharePoint 2010.   And Office 2010.  And Visual Studio 2010 !

Lots of Tech Preview and BETA action no doubt.

Hopefully I can get a few more posts happening in the next few months – otherwise, I’ll catch you on Twitter (@GrumpyWookie)



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