My three sons

We now have a family of THREE boys !   

Charlie Jacob O’Connor was born on Sunday 28th June, about 9.30 pm.

Without any specific “gory” details, here’s a brief run-down on “his arrival” – more for us to remember, than for other folk to read :

  • Charlie was originally due on Tuesday June 23rd – I’d been working from home for a most of that week, in case he was “on time”
  • He turned out to be 5 days late – Donna was just “wanting him OUT !” by then
  • Donna started up with some contractions around 2 am Sunday morning – on-off for the rest of the night – she managed some sleep/rest
  • 10am – took the lads (Cameron & Liam) to their Grandma’s
  • Donna and I went for a walk to the shops and back – to help kick-on the labour that was only just starting up
  • Home and into a hot bath – about 10-15 mins apart
  • About 5 pm, left for the hospital
  • Checked into the same room that Cameron was born (!)
  • About an hour later, someone must have yelled “action !” – the hard bit began
  • Charlie was born about 9.30 pm – a stellar effort from Donna !!

The weight of the lad was amazing – he was 10 lbs 10 oz !   (OMG !)

In contrast, Cameron was born as 7 lbs 14 oz – and Liam was 8 lbs 12 oz.  This time, we (she) skipped the 9 lbs range – and got a 10 !   Two 10’s !

After we’d shared some quiet time with the new lad, we rang the parents, sent some SMS’es – and updated both FaceBook and Twitter !   (ha ha !)

It’s near enough to five days ago, and I still haven’t blogged about it !   (shame, GW, shame)

OK – so I’m a nerd !   Was laughing with Donna about it – Cameron had a new email address, and MSDN membership (& blog post) before he came home from the hospital – and Liam had a YouTube video clip uploaded in his first few days.  

Charlie has been born in the era of Twitter & FaceBook – so THAT was how the news broke – and lots of comments / replies – many THANKS everyone !

Monday – I collected Cameron & Liam from Grandma’s – to go meet their new brother.   Cameron was super-excited, and was punching the air in the car on the way there – “I can’t wait, I can’t wait !!”

When he gave him a first cuddle, he looked at him with such wonder and delight – and I asked him what he was thinking & feeling – he said “my heart is smiling…”

*aaww*   Won’t be long till they’re battling & wrestling, but was such a lovely thing to say about meeting his new little brother.

Liam ?   Well, he crawled under the bed, and then bumped his head on the tray table – and went for a run up the hallway.   But, he’s now been saying “cha-wee” – and “bay-bee ?” – so he’s liking him too.

Charlie Jacob

We’ve had a few people ask about the name, and so :

Charlie :

  • NO – it’s not Charles, his name on the birth certificate is Charlie
  • NO – it’s not because of LOST – sure we liked Charlie in the show – and yes there is a Jacob too – but none of those reasons
  • NO – was nothing to do with Charli from Hi-5 – who is a GIRL !!    Although, Cameron had been wanting a sister, and loves Hi-5 – we probably would’ve still gone with Charli (without an E)
  • NO – was nothing to do with Charlie Chaplin
  • NO – was nothing to do with Charlie Brown – although I do love Snoopy & Woodstock
  • NO – was nothing to do with Charlie Bucket from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory – although he is a very good “character”
  • NO – was nothing to do with Charlie from Two And A Half Men or Charlie Sheen (!)
  • NO – was nothing to do with Charlie Clouser – although he was a member of Nine Inch Nails for 6 years – and mixed albums for Helmet, DefTones, White Zombie, etc.   Well – maybe just a little.     he he

We just liked the name Charlie – and fits nicely with the other lads – sound nice :

Cameron, Liam – and Charlie…

Jacob :

  • Donna’s grandma was Jacomina – a Dutch version of Jacquie, or something close to that.  
  • We’d always planned to use that name (Jacomina) as her middle name – but we’ve never had a girl !  
  • So – we changed to the male version – Jacob
  • Also – my grandfather was Jack O’Connor
  • …and my cousin’s son is also Jack – so it’s basically a “family name”.

He’s settling in well at home – good feeding & sleeping – has been an easy run so far (don’t wanna jinx us though).   Sleeping up to 5 hours at night – at least 3 hours between feeds at the moment.

Donna is a bit tired – but sooo much happier & more relaxed after the fact that “it’s all over” !    She was fairly nervous & worried leading up to the birth – knowing that it was gonna be an ordeal – and now she knows that she’ll NEVER have to go through that again !

Life has changed again – it feels amazing to have THREE kids.  Was nice to load ‘em all into the car – and have a full back seat of kids – and to think about “us” – ie. the lives that Donna and I have created – and the family we’ve become.

Love you little Charlie.    x x

Welcome to your new home – we think you’re gonna love it here….!


Have uploaded some photos to FaceBook – you can check it out using the new ‘vanity url’ – – or just click here to go straight to photos of Charlie.

This one is the favourite one so far – he looks so alert – and full of “knowing” !



To complete the nerd’ing, there is a new sub-domain for Charlie – to follow on from Cameron and Liam :



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