New look Wookie

Have decided to change the branding, and look of my Grumpy Wookie website – come and take a look (if you’re reading via RSS).

The best part is that the new style took about 10 minutes – using a template from WordPress – just changed the header, and which “webparts” are shown, and done.

Have had a quick re-skin of my site too – and re-organised some details.

Thanks WordPress – made it easy to “get a new lease on life” !

Lots more changes to come – my life just got a little easier, RIGHT before it gets a little crazier !    Baby #3 is due on June 23rd !  That’s only 10 days from now…!  

As told my the awesome VIsta Countdown gadget – was a bargain at only 1 YEN !

But – if the countdown gadget ends up telling the wrong day that the baby is born, then I want my 1 YEN back. 

Watch this space for an announcement “any day now” (!!!) – or more likely TWITTER – that’ll be “where news breaks”.

Any guesses as what we’ll have ??    Any bets for “boy” – or “girl” ?    What d’ya reckon ?    (the wife has a list of guesses from her gal pals)


Leave a comment, with the winner/closest, getting a copy of my K2 BlackPearl book – I still got a dozen of ‘em in my study !


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