Slow motion blogging

Has been a fair amount of non-blogging lately – not just from me – it’s seemed like my Google Reader has been asleep, or just “not much action”.

I guess the whole “Twitter” aspects of tech-life have been why I haven’t blogged as much – or that I don’t have as much to say these days (or just too damn busy).

So – as a catch-up – here’s what I *HAVE* been doing :

  • Completed a small website for a buddy, consumed every evening for 1.5 weeks – and the result is that I’m getting a new mountain bike (FTW !)
  • Enjoying time with the lads – ie. Cameron & Liam – playing Lego seems to be the main obsession (for Cameron) – and kicking/throwing a ball (for Liam)
  • Liam is especially amazing these days – I remember the times from 18 months to 2 years being lots of fun with Cameron – and the same again with Liam.
  • Was reading a book with Liam the other day, and pointing out the animals – cow, dog, cat, pig, etc – and asked him “where’s the HIPPO ?”   He pointed to the cow – and I said “No, hippo, HIPPO !” – and he paused, then put both hands up and said “HURRAY !!”    (thinking I was saying Hip-Hip-Hooray !)    He’s learnt the art of the PUN – or maybe he was just confused.
  • Lego – Cameron had a switch go off in his head the day he turned FOUR – and he plays for hours, and can follow the instructions to make something – as well as “out of our heads and imagination”.   And – trips to Toys-R-Us to buy Lego with his pocket money – he still loves cars, but Lego is much, MUCH more serious.
  • Donna (wife) has been nose-deep in the new “Twilight” books – she’d bought the first one, and I got her the next three for Mother’s Day – she’d finished #2 and #3 in a week, and the last one only took another 4-5 days.  It’s been good that she can have some down-time/relax – and prepare for…
  • Baby #3 – due in THREE weeks (today) !   We have both had a few moments of panic & worry about what’s to come – not just the birth, but managing THREE kids – ie. #Kid-Count > #Parent-Count.  
  • Donna and I went for a few “dates” in the last month, just to have some time for “us” before it’s lights, camera, action – aka. PUSH !
  • Work (OBS) has been great, although I haven’t been there much !   Been working on some projects in the outer suburbs – close to home – but a bit detached from the office place.  Will have to make some time to go out for lunch, or beers with the work crew when the dust settles (next week ?)
  • Been playing Guitar Hero Metallica – and had a buddy come over to rock out (Andy) – while his daughter and Cameron played Lego, trampoline and dress-ups (not ALL at the same time !).   GH:M is amazing – sooo many great songs, and good visuals, with the band videos, and locations/stages too – Tushino AirField, Damaged Justice, Meadowlands, etc
  • Been (trying) to read up on some of the new tech/bits out there – SharePoint + Office 2010, Microsoft Bing, Google Wave – and Zune HD – to mention a few
  • MOSSIG as well – with a session about SharePoint 2007 SP2 – and the wonderful “reset to 180 day trial” bug !   And using WPF+VSTO+WCF+SharePoint – you had to be there to see it – was amazing !

*phew*  That’s life from the @grumpywookie side of the fence – hope to catch up with you soon.



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