NIN on tour (again)

Nine Inch Nails have commenced the tour in the U.S. with Janes Addiction – entitled the “NIN|JA” tour – ha ha !

There’s been a flurry of activity on twitter, and forums and other sites listing songs/shows (setlists) – as well as some photos.

The “show” looks almost like the stage/list show they used recently in Australia – a scaled-back version, with the same band members also.

One site I’ve been checking out is called “Reflecting In The Chrome” – with a section for people to upload recordings of the shows.  

The site gets its title from the lyrics for “All The Love In The World” :

Watching all the insects march along
Seem to know right where they belong
Smears of face reflecting in the chrome
Hiding in the crowd I’m all alone

From all accounts, the first two shows in Florida have been great – with some covers of songs by David Bowie, and Gary Numan – as well as some old classics – a few songs not played since 1995 – and even earlier (1991).

May 08 – West Palm Beach, Florida

May 09 – Tampa, Florida

The RITC site lists many, MANY tours & concerts – with setlists, etc.

Another site I’ve been poking about is the NIN Tour History site – where you can create an account, and click on the shows you’ve seen.

Here’s the list of MY shows :

You can see my profile/stats here :

GrumpyWookie @ NIN Tour History

Supposedly I’ve seen 141 songs live – 53 different songs over 7 shows…

Have to keep an eye on these sites/forums as well – over the coming month or so :

And – if you want more news/etc, have to remember to follow “Reflecting In The Chrome” on Twitter…   



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