Another 18th

Time keeps marching on, seems like only yesterday that our little lad Liam was born – and he’s approaching 18 months already (on April 25th).  


When Cameron turned 18 (months), it was interesting to blog about what he was up to – and how he was becoming his own little person.

Liam is a totally different character – with his own special personality traits – and developing more and more every day.

  • He’s got FIVE teeth now !   A slow starter, but a few more poking through
  • He now touches his nose, and my nose – and says “nothse”
  • He loves books, runs off to grab a new book and bring back to read – although every single book is “Wall-E” – his favourites at the moment are “Birthday Monsters” – and “10 In The Bed
  • Says quite a few words – like ‘am-ron’ for his brother “Cameron” – and “uvv-oo” (Love you) – and wanders around the house saying “Mum… mum… mum…” – and “Dad” too
  • He runs EVERYWHERE – he is amazingly quick considering he had his foot in plaster only a year ago
  • When putting him into bed, he actually WANTS his boots & bar, and laughs/smiles in welcome relief that he’s off to bed
  • He really loves our dog Chloe, saying “ohh-weee” – and give her hugs and rests his head on her
  • He walks up and says “udd-ul” (cuddle) – wanting to be picked up for a hug – and then grips tight, and says “sequeeeeeze” – very cute indeed
  • Liam has a little temper too – he can be happy & cheery one second, and then cry & scream in tantrum – and push out tears (“he can turn on the waterworks” – sez Mum) and then laughing again – certainly if his big brother has taken something he wanted !
  • He loves birthday parties, mainly when we do “hip-hip” and then he throws his arms up and says “hooray !!” – and tries to blow the candles too
  • Liam can be sitting playing, and hear an ad on the radio, and he’ll just get up and start to dance – waving his arms, and spinning around – very funny !
  • He’s into playing with a bouncy ball at the moment – he throws it, chases it, and then picks it up again – the dog just watches in wonder
  • “Bath !!   BATH !!”   He squeals in delight and (literally) drop what he’s doing to rush to the bathroom – and leans in, and slaps his hands on the side – as if to say “hurry up !”
  • We’re constantly amazed at his comprehension – we can say “throw your dummy in the sink” (in the morning) – and he’ll run up the hall, and pop it in the sink – that’s the thing with kids of the same age, they understand – but can’t actually “communicate”
  • Instead of talking, he can do “sign language” – for please, thank you, ‘more’, food and drink – and he has invented a kind of “wave” action for the word BANANA (?)
  • Tonight, he was helping pack up some blocks, and there were a few stuck together – he grabbed them out of the box, detached them – and put them back.   I tried this a few times, I think he’s becoming a little “particular” – he had a look on his face like “nooo, that’s not right !”  

“Gosh – he looks so grown up in that photo”  (comment from the wife) :



Will be interesting to see Liam as a “middle child” (!) with having a bigger brother, AND a younger brother or sister – due in June.

And – amazing to see him change and grow, and become a “boy” – he’s no longer a “baby”, that’s for sure…     Thanks Liam for the last year-and-a-half – I love you ‘short stuff’…!



One thought on “Another 18th

  1. Was doing a google search on my kid’s name – Liam Alexander, who turns 2 next month – and saw your blog. Coincidentally, my nickname is Chewie and I’m a big NIN fan.

    What a small world.

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