New band for Trent Reznor –> NailGun

Just saw this post over at Blabbermouth about Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails – who is putting together a ONE-OFF show with some ex-members of Guns N Roses.

I’d already known that Robin Finck was the guitarist with the current Guns N Roses line-up – and pretty cool to think that he’ll get to do BOTH for one night.

And – for a fund-raiser event also – following on from the bushfires in Australia (a month or so ago) :

The band line up will be :

  • Trent Reznor – vocals + keyboards
  • Slash – guitar
  • Robin Finck – guitar
  • Duff McKagan – bass
  • Meldel-Johnson – bass
  • Ilan Ruban – drums

WOW – that’s the same touring band as appeared recently in Australia – PLUS Slash and Duff…!

Trent Reznor from NINE INCH NAILS commented: “Both bands began their journey around 20 years ago – and it will be a lot of fun to play some songs from both back-catalogs – expect a wild show – especially with two guitars and two bass players !”

Trent has been going retro with the up-coming Jane’s Addiction tour – and has had some members of Dillinger Escape Plan appear on stage.  

As he’s getting closer to the “end” of Nine Inch Nails, it must be fun to do shows like NailGun.

Will be interesting to see what songs they do – hopefully be a good mix of NIN classics – and some “gunners” songs done in NIN style.

Trent’s birthday is May 17th – so that’s the expected date for the show – but no venue has been named as yet.   (Assume it’s somewhere in Los Angeles)



Make sure you read the story here.

Yes – it’s a fake’d BLABBERMOUTH.NET article !!



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