Quick update – moving to OBS

Jeez has been over two weeks since a post – I’ll blame it on the “big come down” after the excitement and action of seeing Nine Inch Nails / SoundWave.

But – I’m still alive – and it’s been a busy time lately.

Mr.4 and I went along to the Motor Show a few weeks ago, and we’ve also had a number of kid’s birthday parties – and get-togethers.

The biggest news is that I’ll be changing jobs (again ??!!)

As from Monday 23rd, I’ll be working for OBS.  

There was a lot of thought behind the decision, but has been a choice made out of “job satisfaction”. 

My current role is more “sales’y” than “dev’y” – and it will be great to work with a large team of uber-n3rd developers.

My tech interview was fairly involved, and lots of discussion about object-oriented programming, and C#/SQL questions – which awoken areas of my brain that have remained dormant for a few months – and it felt gooooood…


Also, I’ll also be working with a bunch of people I previously worked with at SDM – it’s almost becoming “OBSDM” !    Some good friends who I enjoy working/talking with.

For those who know of OBS – and the sister company Nintex – you might be asking “aren’t you a K2 person ?”  

Well, yes – but that wasn’t the reason to move to OBS.   Nor was it a reason NOT to.

It’s not a “join-the-competition” career change – nor are they hiring me because of my skills with K2 – or workflow related.  

I’m sure I’ll become entrenched in some Nintex projects – and some good debates & discussions to come – regarding K2 and/or Nintex.  

It *MIGHT* even work out that there will be some K2 work within OBS – will have to wait and see – would definitely be smart for OBS to “own” the SharePoint+workflow space – covering both Nintex AND K2.

There are some BIG SharePoint projects underway – and SharePoint 14 is not far away – and supposedly lots of the dev’ers are jQuery & Silverlight savvy – so looking forward to learning from people – as well as enjoying what I do (again).

Suffice to say “I’m looking forward to it” – and can’t wait for the “rev-up” in motivation – expect to see my blog kick off some of the recent cobwebs.


Having said ALL of that – especially with regard to K2 – there is a MOSSIG user group meeting on Wednesday March 25th – with Jey Srikantha presenting a session about K2 blackpoint.

K2 blackpoint in black and white – workflow for Sharepoint.

Jey will demonstrate K2 blackpoint and the key value propositions of this product for the Sharepoint user base.

He will also give you his take on blackpoint as a user of this product since the early beta releases.

blackpoint in black & white

Will be great to see some more bits & pieces around K2 blackpoint – and see how it compares with Nintex – and the integration with SharePoint especially.   I’ve seen a few demo’s of K2 blackpoint – just haven’t had much chance to have some hands-on dev+play time.

Click here to see the details for the MOSSIG meeting.   Hope to see you there !!

Now, the question is…   Shall I wear my OBS shirt, or my K2 shirt…



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