SoundWave Part 2 – Nine Inch Nails

As mentioned within the Melbourne SoundWave Review post, the headlining band of the night was Nine Inch Nails – who I was excited to see for the 7th time (!)

Are you REALLY so surprised that I’ve included a separate review for Nine Inch Nails ?


I watched the Alice In Chains set located about 5 people from the barrier, with the thinking that I’d be in a prime location to see Trent & the lads.  I could even see the clock on the side of the stage, and was counting down the minutes.

When the band started, they did a distorted keyboard / industrial mix, with a build-up to the first song.   Was great to be so close – less than 10m away I reckon.

They launched into the first song, and the mosh + squash started up – but the 2nd song was where it got a bit un-fun.  

I’ve been in some baaad moshes in my time, and this was nothing that bad – but couldn’t really dance/mosh, or watch properly – too busy trying not to fall over as the “sea swell” of people pushed back and forth – just wasn’t that much “fun”.

So – I dropped back about 20 people or so – still a good fun mosh – but not as much of a squash.

This show was a bit different to the show at Festival Hall – similar songs – a few differences – but probably a better “order”. 

Moving “Wish” to #2 meant that they exploded into the “setlist” – as opposed to winding up – with three new songs from “The Slip”.

And – there were some different musical arrangements – or “I noticed” some differences, more likely.  

Bass player (Justin) playing a few songs on a big upright double-bass, and playing it as a cello for some of the slower songs.   And guitarist (Robin) played a lay down “slide guitar“.

Here’s the setlist in entirety (thanks to ETS), and some links to a few YouTube clips that fans have uploaded (different songs noted with **):

  • 1,000,000 – with the static/industrial intro
  • Wish – great song, but was a bit crushed/squashed, and moved back a bit
  • Discipline
  • March Of The Pigs
  • ** Something I Can Never Have – Trent almost sounded like he had to pause and “compose himself” during this song…  “You make it all go away, I’m down to just ONE thing, and I’m starting to scare myself”.    (Heroin addiction ?)
  • Burn – I went ballistic during this song – was GREAT !
  • ** The Line Begins To Blur – great bass line from Justin, he was having a great time playing this one
  • ** Terrible Lie – probably one of my lesser faves – but was GREAT live.  Starts out a bit slow, but builds up.
  • Meet Your Master
  • Survivalism
  • Gave Up – another insane mosh, even without Andy Neumann there !
  • La Mer
  • The Fragile
  • ** The Big Come Down – another fave from The Fragile
  • The Downward Spiral
  • The Beginning Of The End
  • The Hand That Feeds
  • Head Down
  • Head Like A Hole – a huuuge mosh (as was expected !)

The crowd began chanting “encore, encore, encore” – and then we got :

  • The Wretched
  • The Good Soldier
  • Hurt – lots of fans yelling and screaming along – and clapping “out of time” which was getting annoying !    But – always a great way to finish.   Was about 10 people from the front by then – and a great crowd vibe/elated.

A shorter encore than the Festival Hall show – but was still a great show – didn’t feel “short” like some festival shows can do, as opposed to a full set as a “side show”.   In reality, there was only ONE song less !

The Festival Hall show had “Reptile”, “Suck” and “Dead Souls” – but SoundWave had these swapped out for “The Line Begins To Blur”, “The Big Come Down” and “Terrible Lie”.

And instead of “The Frail”, they played “Something I Can Never Have” – both great tracks !

After it was all over, I was a little awe-struck, and had sore feet + knees from moshing – and a husky throat from yelling/singing !    But – with my a big smile on my face.

Oh yes – and there was an incredible lights show (of course) – seemed even more intense than Festival Hall – I was probably a lot closer to the stage.  

And – there was (seriously) an epilepsy warning on the SoundWave web site :

Due to the intense strobe lighting and size of the Nine Inch Nails light show at Soundwave 09 there is the possibility that it may induce Epilepsy.

If you or anyone in your family has ever had symptoms related to epilepsy (seizures or loss of consciousness) when exposed to flashing lights, consult your doctor prior to attending Soundwave 09.

Nine Inch Nails light show – Epilepsy warning

There’s a huuuge bunch of photos on the website – click here to view.   Here’s a couple of my faves :OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         3314627259_ff3af07f3f_o 

So, that’s it then, eh ?

Nine Inch Nails have just about finished their set in Perth – and thus finished up in Australia – who knows when/if we’ll ever see them again…

Time will tell – I really do think so.   Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.



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