Melbourne SoundWave Review

Yesterday I went along to the “SoundWave festival” – akin to a BIG DAY OUT for metal-heads and without the usual junk of LilyPad and Boiler Room.

And – I gotta say straight up – it was probably the best festival I’ve been to for nearly 10 years – almost the best EVER.

Not just because of Nine Inch Nails (more on that later) – but :

  • Smaller venue/layout + smaller crowd
  • No “D” barrier + smaller main arena
  • Good drinks tent / lot of room
  • Awesome bands + great sound

It actually felt like about 2/3 the size of a normal Big Day Out – or perhaps even smaller than that.   There was still LOADS of ppl everywhere – queues for food & drink, etc – but much better for a ‘festival’ spirit + vine.

Here’s how my day progressed :

  • Drove in with a few mates, and quick a quick lap around to see what was where.
  • Headed over to see FINCH.   Didn’t really know then, was only 1/2 listening – but sounded OK.  
  • Was chatting up the back with a friend who’d just arrived (@abuttigieg) while @andyneumann was up closer – he ended up buying a shirt also for FINCH
  • Wandered over to see UNEARTH in the Stage Four “metal tent”.   They were awesome – some very heavy and brutal metal – great lights & smoke, etc – rocked the room – great band !    
  • Photo from mobile phone :


  • Wandered around a bit more – some lunch – and checked out some shirts – tempted to get a Metallica shirt for Mr.4 – but was $25.  
  • Saw a Marilyn Manson shirt too – perfect for one of @laneyvb’s lads :


  • Next stop was the “drinks” tent.   I only had ONE bourbon can for the whole day – no beer – just the “vibe” was enough for me !
  • Saw some of THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS from the drinks area – but they seemed a bit dull, and too formulaic for my liking.
  • Back to the “metal” tent for a quick look at POISON THE WELL and EVERYTIME I DIE
  • Squashed into the queue at the Merchandise tent – and bought a NINE INCH NAILS shirt – and stubby holder (my usual purchase from BDO) – while half watching/listening to DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN
  • And back to the “metal tent” (again) for 36 CRAZYFISTS – these guys were AMAZING – great crowd pleaser, and brilliant music.   Got a few pics :


  • AND – I did a video of the “wall of death”.  The lead singer told everyone to “part down the middle” – and then when they started playing, they ran together to mosh…
  • You have to see it to believe it – was incredible to watch – and terrifying !! 
  • Click the photo below to jump over to YouTube :


  • Grabbed some dinner – and then caught the last 4-5 songs of LACUNA COIL.   Had a bit of an “Evanescence” style – with a guy AND girl vocalist.  
  • They even did a Depeche Mode cover !    Very rich sounds, great muso’s, some great tunes – but not really my style.


  • Was nearing the end of the day, only a few bands left – so I went to grab a spot up the front of where NINE INCH NAILS were to play – and could watch ALICE IN CHAINS from diagonally to the other stage.
  • My god – ALICE IN CHAINS were brilliant !   I’d lived them back in the early-mid 1990’s – one of the better of the “grunge” era bands. 
  • Layne Stayley has since passed away (singer) – and the new singer is pitch perfect, and just a good fit for the band
  • Lots of old hits – I knew a lot (most) of the songs – Angry Chair, Rooster, Dam That River, Would – basically a greatest hits show
  • Was eagerly anticipating NINE INCH NAILS – check out the lighting rig – was only 4-5 people back from the barrier



Separate post to follow – re: NINE INCH NAILS


  • After NINE INCH NAILS, I met up some friends, to compare notes about the bands we’d seen – as they had been to see IN FLAMES and LAMB OF GOD
  • And – cheeky @andyneumann managed to get back stage !!  


  • Unknown to me, I’d received a text message during NINE INCH NAILS that simply said “Backstage at In Flames.  I shit you not !
  • Suffice to say, we all had an AWESOME day !!
  • Headed home – was stuck in the car park traffic for close to 1/2 an hour – and stopped off for a drink – and home just after midnight.
  • Woke up today with sore knees, sore back, sore feet – and sore throat from yelling & singing along !!    But – was fantastic !

Can’t wait till next year – and if the rumours I’ve heard about the headline band come true, it will be nothing sort of amazing !   (again)


6 thoughts on “Melbourne SoundWave Review

  1. Awesome dude, I live in NZ and got to meet ETID and PTW, Nine Inch Nails Were amazing here, i got a couple of things signed by Trent so was quite excited, I have to scan my setlist from the show. pity we didn’t get closer OR an encore, but I was still enthralled!!!

  2. I’m such an idiot for not getting a ticket to Soundwave, sounds like it was an awesome festival! That “Wall of Death” video was unbelievable, like a scene out of 300, crazy sh*t! If that last paragraph is true though, and FNM come down to next year, I’m already freakin’ in line for tickets!!

  3. I look confused in that photo, but I was reading the back of the t-shirt… I better get off my ass and write a review as well. Ye shall be notified when done.

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