Twitter – hot under the collar

With the temperature in Melbourne boiling over today, there was a fair swag of traffic about the heat – I was checking for the updates on temp.

And – was kinda a laugh to see one of my tweets mentioned on the Sydney Morning Herald website…!

Heatwave gets them all aTwitter


I’m glad they didn’t pick up on my later tweet – essentially saying “it’s not that hot, c’mon everyone !”


I think people misunderstood – I wasn’t suggesting to go back top those days – there would be no interwebs !

Was discussing the topic at an Australian Day gathering – imaging cutting down trees, or trekking across the desert Bourke & Wills style – in 40+ degree heat.

But – I was in my air conditioned car – and so I probably need to #HTFU also !

Twitter has been fun of late – lots of people weighing in for a laugh about a tweet I’d made – after drinking “two coffee’s” earlier in the day.


I’ll leave to your imagination what the giggle’s and responses were – I’ll have to remember to state that it’s a COFFEE instead.

Thanks to all those Tweet’ers who make Twitter fun – and for some of the “banter/bickering” – it feels like hanging out with a bunch of buddies – rather than a quiet workplace (or client site)…



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