Twitter notify from Live Writer

I recently worked with a colleague who would pop past some dev’ers and say “I’ve done a new blog post !”   He used to get teased about “In Person RSS”.  


Anyway – being a big twitter user, I’m sure there’s some folk who “follow” me (@GrumpyWookie), but don’t subscribe to my blog (no really, not ALL of them !)

On a few occassions, I’ve grabbed the URL of the post, and then tinyurl’ed it for tweet.

But – now, there’s a plug-in for Windows Live Writer that will automatically add a tweet for you, with a link to the post.   You can customise the text of the tweet –

eg.  quickly !  check out my new post about “C#” and “ObiWan Kenobi” !

I’m about to try it out, with THIS post – aaah, the irony !

Source : Twitter Notify

Note :  it’s actually been posted by Microsoft – thanks for that !

UPDATE (edited – and re-published) :

After clicking to Publish the post from within Live Writer, I was prompted to “enable the plug-in” – and then the following dialog :


You can “cancel” – and NOT tweet for every post – which is a good thing !

Just had to Sign in with my Twitter account name and password, and published the blog post as per normal.

Here’s the tweet showing within Twitter :


Twitter : @GrumpyWookie


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