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2009 = 5

Yep – we’ll be a family of FIVE in 2009 !

In case you hadn’t heard (one of the few) – we’re expecting a baby brother or sister to Cameron and Liam.


The due date is JUNE 23rd – which in some way is either lucky or unlucky, depending on your point of view.

Cameron was born on Feb 14th – Valentine’s Day – and our second lad Liam was born on Oct 25th – our wedding anniversary !

So – Donna and I had run out of “romantic dates” that we could celebrate – other than birthdays.  

We had to then choose a date – and decided upon the anniversary of our first date – which is June 23rd !!     (and they say that “kids kill romance” – how true…)

We’re into the battle of choosing names – I think we’ll find out this time if it’s a boy or a girl (hadn’t known for the first two).   

I reckon LUKE if it’s a boy…

“Luke, I am your father…”   

…or LEIA if it’s a girl…  


Donna is doing OK (now) – was pretty sick early on – and had a bit of a tough time getting through Christmas, super busy, tired and a little stressed out (“tired & emotional”).   She’s doing great now – the morning sickness has passed.  

She’s starting to get used to the idea of having to handle THREE kids !    Will be a busy few months in the new financial year, that’s for sure…



2 Responses

  1. dude, that’s awesome! congrats.

    now how does one manage 5 kids? barely able to handle 2.

  2. Nah – we will be a “FAMILY of 5” – meaning 2 adults + 3 kids…

    Jeez – couldn’t imagine FIVE kids…!

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