SharePoint Workflow w/ K2 BlackPoint

Micheal Ganotti has a great series of video clips about SharePoint and other such stuff from the Microsoft ecosystem.

This week, the clip is about “workflow” – using K2 BlackPoint :”

For today’s SharePoint Weekly Webcast we had two guest speakers from K2 talking about enterprise workflow for SharePoint using Blackpoint.

I was very excited about getting them scheduled for this presentation as Blackpoint really enables lines of business to extend SharePoint usage beyond collaboration in to real world business process enablement.

Watching how it can transform SharePoint and InfoPath use in to real world business apps is pretty compelling.

Video- SharePoint Enterprise Workflow With K2 Blackpoint

Have been playing with K2 BlackPoint – will be great for SharePoint – basically a cut-down version of the big brother “K2 BlackPearl”.

Has been delayed a fair bit – and the nay-sayers been calling it “Duke Nukem Forever” – but, will be BIG in 2009 – watch this space.



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