Heading into Christmas

Near abouts to 2 weeks till Christmas, and been super busy with my new role at Dimension Data.   You might have noticed the flurry of SharePoint posts – yes, that’s my main forte at the moment – as a Solution Architect within the (deep breath) “Microsoft Solutions Application Integration” team – aka MS-AI.

Anyway – my 3 month “probation” is due on Christmas Day (!)   Pretty sure I’ll get the nod, and stay on.   🙂

Was bashing through my InBox, and moving emails into project folders, etc – and thought I’d count ‘em up. 

The number of clients I’ve dealt with for either demo’s, proposals, reviews, config, etc – is exactly fifty (50) !    In about 10 weeks…   Wow !

And – have completed a breakfast seminar for about 40 or so folk, covering Business Process Management – with a case study (real world example) – and then the technology set to deliver that – SharePoint, K2, ILM and Activate.  

I’d put a lot of work into the prezzo, and it went well – or so they tell me.  I was wearing my BLACK Dimension Data shirt, so you couldn’t tell I was a bit hot under the collar…!

A busy run to Christmas – this time of year is twofold – great fun with family & friends – and the kids’ joy and laughter – AND – so fvkcen busy !!

Someone joked that we should have Christmas every second year – “Happy bi-annual festive holiday to all !”

Hope the silly season has been “fun” silly for you (so far) – and not “stress” silly.



One thought on “Heading into Christmas

  1. Hi Chris,

    Merry Christmas. 🙂

    I am just wondering is there any junior developer position available in Dimension Data?? I am currently looking for a job in this depression period. Hope I can get some help from you. Thanks a lot.


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