Big Day Out

Yes – it certainly WAS a big day out (today).   Cameron insisted on wearing this T-shirt that his Auntie Kath (my sister) found in an op shop.

From Big Day Out 2003 – 2 years before he was born !   I was there though – Foo Fighters were amazing – great show…

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Last night was the SDM wake/funeral & drinks and I’d driven my car in on Friday morning – and left parked over night.  So – had to collect the car, after swimming, and voting (!) and visiting some friends in St. Kilda with a 3 week old baby – sooo tiny !   

It was such a nice day, we headed over to the Port Melbourne area, and had an wander on the beach.  Dig in the sand, an ice cream walking on the pier, a go on the swings (Liam) and slides (Cameron).   Thanks lads – and Donna – we should make time to do it more often.   🙂


When we got to my car, we swapped Cameron’s seat into my car, as he wanted to ride shotgun with Dad.  So – was lots of “wave at Mummy” when side-by-side in traffic – very funny.   And, Cameron kept saying “more power, Daaad !”, but the Festiva didn’t go too well, with air conditioning on as well.   *sorry*

Liam is so amazing – he’s 13 months, about the date that Cameron started to walk.   He’s so close – stands up on his own – and walks if you hold his hand – but not putting it all together.   Kind of amazing, considering his foot looked like a golf club, less than a year ago.

He’s becoming a real monkey boy – climbing on everything, opening cupboards & doors – god help us when he DOES walk.  

People have been saying he looks more like Donna – and Cameron looks more like me.   Will be interesting to see how they grow and change.


Finished off the evening with a new episode of Top Gear – they took a Pagani Zonda and Bugatti Veyron around the track – driven by THE STIG !

Cameron sat there staring, with his mouth open – barely drew a breath for the 1:16 lap time !

Thanks to you all for the nice family day – now I gotta go snooze…!    *phew*


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