Less than a week ago

Amazing what a difference a week makes.  After re-reading my post from late last Saturday night, it’s interesting to think back to those thoughts.

That’s why I like blogging – a moment in time, and the opportunity to leave something behind – not a fleeting @GrumpyWookie item on Twitter, that’s gone and forgotten in a few hours.

The week has felt like five weeks, not five days – MOSSIG (WED) was great fun with nerdy friends – and good prezzo from Adam Cogan.   Don’t see some of those folk as often as I used to – probably some of my closest buddies these days.

I’ve had a super busy week with work also – a few folk away, so lots of emails, meetings & discussions – and been preparing for a big SharePoint + K2 presentation (was this morning – a big success).  

So – been busy, busy – too busy to mope around – and had some nice comments & talks with friends – and the actual post itself was cathartic – to write down some thoughts/feelings.

Having another meet-up tonight – with much of the same crew from MOSSIG – and others who I haven’t seen for a while – having a beer or ten to bury the “SDM” name.

I think it will either be :

(1) good for me to ‘let go’ of some old baggage relating to a large company I used to work for, who bought another (good) company I was working for

or (2) have a few (too many) drinks, be obnoxious, angry, nasty and bitter about “company X”

I’m planning on option (1).  

Remember the good times (and some laughs) – forget about the bad times (yep – whatever !) – and MOVE ON…!    Telling you (the reader) – and myself also.

Next week should be good also – more interesting work on the horizon – too busy to attend the “Artists In Residence” course about Silverlight, etc.   (bummer)

But – going to see the new James Bond film – and got a Christmas Party at Cameron’s kindergarten – will be 60-70 kids ages between 1 and 5 – better take my earplugs !

Oh yes – and gotta belt out some more GUITAR HERO on the Wii…



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