Windows 7 – first thing I noticed

I’m sure there’s LOADS of changes within Windows 7, over WIndows Vista – have seen many posts, pics, etc.

The first thing that struck me as “that’s cool” – was the right-click start menu – otherwise known as "the ORB” :

WIthin Windows Vista – this is what you get when right-clicking on “Start”. 


Of course, some options are due to what’s been installed – Live Mesh, WinRAR, OneNote.

But – when clicking on the same button in Windows 7, you only get TWO options :


(1) Properties of the start menu/button

(2) Open Windows Explorer

That’s damn cool – much easier than right-click – and move up to “Explore” or “Open” – what’s the difference between those two anyways !?!   

They both open the same folder (for me).

Much simpler in Windows 7 – thankfully !

Just thought I’d note the 1st time poking about in Windows 7 – going to be a great O/S – can’t wait !


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