Re-born PC

A few weeks ago, I decided to take the plunge and re-format my home PC.  Had been running a little wonky with too many beta’s and junk (when explorer.exe took 1.4 GB of RAM, that was the final straw !)

So – made sure I backed up everything (nervously !), and re-booted off the DVD for Vista x64.  The wireless keyboard was detected when I changed the setting in the BIOS to boot off the DVD, but couldn’t “press any key to boot off CD/DVD” when booting.  So – couldn’t start the install.

Tried again with a wired keyboard – USB into the front – and same problem.  Surely I didn’t need a PS/2 keyboard – FFS !   Some Google’ing followed (sorry @CodeJedi, can’t really say “some Live Search’ing” – doesn’t have the same ring to it !)

Anyway – found that I needed to enable “Legacy USB support” in the BIOS.  (note to self for next time !)   Struck me as odd that it would work in the BIOS screen, but not when booting – or in the F12 “boot menu” either (!)

Next up was to “format C:” – all in the boot UI, point-and-click.   Don’t have to do DOS commands and all these – was always a heart-rush when hitting enter on THAT command !

The install chugged along for a bit (watched some TeeV), and then it was pretty much ready to rock !     I was impressed with how much Vista just easily detected and self-installed.

  • nVidia graphics driver
  • Both monitors
  • All USB devices (printer was the only driver needed) – and sound/speakers
  • Bluetooth mouse
  • Infrared keyboard (KB and mouse are from different “packs”)
  • Internet connectivity was just immediately there (hard-coded my IP, not DHCP’ed from router)
  • Sucked down 300 MB or so of updates to finish up

Sooooo – I have a new PC !   (in a manner of speaking).

I thought I’d note the apps and tools that I’ve had to install – had a few “core” apps that I installed immediately, and then others as needed :

Core Apps :

  • Twhirl (and Adobe AIR) – was the first app installed !!   🙂
  • DisplayFusion – best app for running dual monitors
  • Office 2007 – import PST backup’s into Outlook (wife email)
  • Virtual PC 2007 – for VM’s
  • WinRAR
  • Firefox 3

As needed :

  • Printer / scanner drivers – Canon MP600
  • Live Mesh
  • iTunes – iPod needed to be charged (!) – and Quicktime also
  • Nero – needed to burn a DVD of Chuck & Heroes for bro-in-law
  • Windows Live Wave 3 – mainly for Messenger and Live Writer
  • Adobe Acrobat – for viewing PDFs
  • Skype
  • Xobni
  • OptusNet sidebar gadget    (sorry – should that have been the FIRST thing installed ?!!?   Will do that next time)   🙂

So – just bits & pieces to configure – as I go. 

Had to configure Windows Live Writer for THIS post – needed to set the weblog URL and user/password for

Windows Media Player was next to configure – to point the library at the MUSIC shares I have on my PC, also needed for the XBMC setup in the lounge room.  Took a while to scan through – but check it out :

16,427 MP3 files – with a total of 1,164 hours – that would be 48.5 days, if played 24/7…!

So – like driving a new car, its nice to have a responsive and reliable PC again !


If only I could really get a new car – was discussing cars with a guy at work – who has a V8 Monaro, but has to get a family car.   Lexus IS250 is “a bit gutless” – only 150 KW, he sez. 

I just added that my Ford Festiva has a whopping 47 kW – and how I usually have to turn off the A/C to get up a hill, or away at the lights…

They laughed – but…   I dunno if they were laughing AT me, or at my CAR. 




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