A new Rally legend

Often referred to as the Micheal Schumacher of dirt, Sebastian Loeb has won his 5th consecutive WRC title :

Sebastien Loeb has become the first five-time champion in World Rally Championship history after clinching the 2008 title with third place in the Rally Japan.

Loeb had declared before the weekend that he wanted to seal the crown in Japan so he could drive flat-out in Britain later this month and attempt to break his own record by taking an 11th win of the season.

Source : Autosport

While it’s great to have such a super-star in the sport, it’s become a large gap to the 2nd and 3rd placed drivers – still an amazing achievement from Loeb !

He’s surpassed Tommi Makinnen – who won four consecutive titles (96,97,98,99) – and Juha Kankunnen who won four titles (86,87,91,93).   Even the almighty Colin McRae only ever won ONCE (1995).

Some more results here (Wikipedia).

Click here to see the official site for Sebastian Loeb – lots more stuff.

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