A vader-load of fun

Yesterday, Cameron and I went along to the Armageddon Expo, held at Melbourne’s “Geoff’s Shed”.  Billed as a “multimedia” show, there is a main theme of Sci-Fi, Comics and Wrestling (!)

Loads of stalls and people queuing for autographs, after paying $30 each.  The StarGate folk were the most popular – and the lead character from The Greatest American Hero was also there.   (I was amazed that none of the folk I was there with had even heard of the show !)

Anyway – there is usually some great people watching – people in dress-up and sci-fi “drag” – and even saw StarGate tattoos on one girl.

Maybe it’s brainwashing the poor kid, but I decided to get Cameron to dress up also – as Darth Vader !    For some reason, this is his favourite character – although he’s never seen the film/s, only has a Star Wars plate, bowl and cup set – and that wasn’t even from me, it was a Christmas gift !

Click here to see his first Darth Vader impression – with a rubbish bin on his head !    (YouTube)

The outfit he wore was a mask and chest piece from Coles, and an home made cape – and a light sabre made out of a cardboard tube, some cellophane – and the handle was left over from a vacuum cleaner !



When we got to the show, there were lots of smiles & comments from people, and Cameron became a bit of a star !   He had 6 or more people want to take his photo – when standing with a StormTrooper – and Jango Fett too.

He got a bit spooked by all the flashes – not cut out for paparazzi (yet ?!)




We bought a few Star Wars “toys” too – a model Tie Fighter (Darth Vader’s of course !) – and a sound maker keyring.   Six different sounds, including some lights sabre fighting noises, “Do, Or Do Not” from Yoda – “Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope” from Princess Leia – and Darth Vader’s breathing too.   Trust me, I heard each of them about 20 times on the way home in the car !

We’d had enough, and headed off home – and ANOTHER treat for Cameron was to stop past the Ferrari dealer, near where SDM is/was in Claremont St.  They had some Aston Martins, and Porsches too – Cameron knowing them all, of course.   Another stop past the Lamborghini dealer, but they were closed – so just a look thru the window from Dad’s shoulders.

Last stop was an Audi dealer – Cameron has a new model Audi R8, and wondered if they had one on show.  Sure enough they did, and Cameron went WOW when he saw it – my too !   The salesman wandered over, and I said “just looking, dreams are free, eh ?”   He started talking about the car, and I told him Cameron had a model one, and saw it on Top Gear.

He just said “you wanna have a sit in it ?”    Cameron’s eyes lit up – as did mine – and he grabbed the keys, and we hopped in.   Then the salesman said “you got a camera phone – I’ll take a shot for you !”    *AMAZING*

So – here it is – that’s a car with a drive-away price of $308,000 – probably the most expensive car I’ve ever sat in !    (I was tempted to ask him to start the engine – but thought better of it…) 

I worked out that I could either have that car – or 154 of my Ford Festiva !


We had a look at some of the other Audi’s – the A5 is “only” $150 or so – maybe one day ?   We’d looked quickly at some Mazda’s too, before Audi – a bit more realistic.   The Mazda 3 is very nice inside (SP23), a contender for Festiva replacement ?

We headed home – both with sore feet from lots of walking – Cameron napped in the car.   Thanks Cameron for an awesome Father-Son day out – we had a ball, eh !

Was just doing this blog post, and showing Cameron his photos as Darth Vader – and said “I’m going to put them on my blog – you can tell people to have a look at grumpywookie.com – is that OK ?”   He nodded, and said “Yep”.  

When we got to the photo of the Audi, he said “Daaad, can you put that photo on your blog ?  I liiike that one”.     That’s my boy !!   *laugh*       🙂


3 thoughts on “A vader-load of fun

  1. Awesome stuff – sounds like a ripper of a day. BTW, it’s Jeff’s shed (as in Kennett… or Hanneman, whichever you’d prefer), not Geoff’s shed (as in Rohrsheim)!

  2. Cool stuff. I think this is the theme song you are looking for:

    “Believe it or not, I’m walking on air,
    I never thought I could be so free-hee-hee!!
    Flying away on a wing or a prayer
    Who could it be?
    Believe it or not, It’s just me!”

    Yeah, that R8 ain’t bad. I’ll still go the Zonda F


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