Very handy colour tools > ColorPix

When checking on colours for a website, SharePoint or otherwise, I’ve often had to try to work out a HEX value for a colour – can sometimes be tricky.

Have found a GREAT little FREE utility – is a no-install, single EXE program (only ~600kb).


Simply called ColorPix – the upper right colour panel changes as you mouse around, and a simple click (or key press) and it “locks” onto the colour. 

There’s a zoom as well, to make sure you pick the correct colour.  Just press CTRL+C – and you get the HEX value in your clipboard.

ColorSchemer ColorPix

From the same company (ColorSchemer), there is an online site that is GREAT for a quick check of a HEX to RGB conversion.

And – my favourite part – you can click to see “schemes” – with contrasting colours, etc – so that you can work out a matching/eye-pleasing colour scheme (and you wondered why they were called ColorSchema !

Color Schemer Online


There’s even a button for “Lighten” and “Darken” – which adjusts all boxes accordingly.  The numbers and letters shown are the RGB and HEX values.

Very cool indeed !   …and very useful for branding and colour-ising a site…     

(wanted to blog a link for myself – for later reference)



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