Silverlight 2 escapes

Hardly a big surprise, but Silverlight 2 has (finally) been released as a final version.   This is following a looong Beta2, and then RC0 – before an RTM today (or more exactly – RTW – Release To Web).

Silverlight 2 Released!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Install the final release of Silverlight 2.

Click here to get started building Silverlight applications, watch the videos, download the tutorials.

Install the Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio, the Silverlight 2 SDK, and Expression Blend 2 SP1 to build great Web experiences with Silverlight 2.

There was a press conference of sorts, via a public Conference Call with Scott Guthrie from Microsoft.

Microsoft Corp. will hold a teleconference with Scott Guthrie, corporate vice president of the .NET Developer Division at Microsoft. Guthrie will make a significant announcement related to Microsoft Silverlight.

Media Alert: Microsoft Announces Conference Call With Scott Guthrie

I’d twitter’ed about what that could be – expecting/assuming it would be the SIlverlight RTW – but thought that may have been held off until PDC (only 2 weeks away).

Anyway – the final release of Silverlight 2 is probably going to push the launch of many, MANY new products – the whole “cloud O/S” that’s to be unveiled at PDC (Windows Strata) is almost guaranteed to be 98% Silverlight.

And – the next version of SharePoint (14) will have a fair swag of Silverlight content, I would expect (eagerly awaiting a demo/beta).

I know of a few other vendors who have offerings awaiting the final release of Silverlight 2 – not wanting to launch their own product “on a BETA”.

It was back in May that the Re-MIX conference showed a LOT of Silverlight content, demos and development examples – glad that it’s (finally) landed !

Click here to get started with Silverlight – you’ll probably need to download the installer/runtime for it “sooner or later”.   Available for both PC and MAC.

Lastly – have a look at the little “Fireworks” animation from Scott Barnes – see more here (Twitter) and here (blog).

Now that SIlverlight is done – roll on “Goldlight” !  …. he he…



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