CafeScreen – free WiFi

When out and about in the city, it’s great to be able to nab some free wireless time, either when grabbing a coffee before the day begins (and can check emails, etc) – or a lunch break, etc.   

And – if you don’t have access to a wireless broadband card (referred to as the “Telstra Card” at my last office), then WiFi is the next best thing – just have to FIND some spots.

I have a few favourite cafe’s and food courts in Melbourne CBD – with those with CafeScreen being the ones I normally seek out.


CafeScreen have a business model in which they supply cafe’s with a big LCD TV mounted on the wall behind the counter, showing ads and ABC news (from an RSS feed I guess) – and in return, customers can use WiFi for free !   

It’s great from an advertising perspective – adverts can be targeted to folk just “standing around waiting” – and good for the coffee shop also !

CafeScreen is an out-of-home digital signage network that delivers compelling content and advertising to cafe patrons via wall mounted digital screens.

CafeScreen takes advantage of Australia’s growing coffee culture and the natural linger time associated with its purchase and consumption to deliver a captive audience to advertisers.

In addition to the presentation of media, CafeScreen has extended the potential conversation with patrons through the provision of free broadband wireless Internet access.

CafeScreen provides café patrons with compelling content and free wireless Internet access while offering advertisers a new and exciting technology enabled solution for reaching audiences.

The website for CafeScreen has some promo and marketing-speak about the company – and some cool “quotes” about coffee (even though it’s WRONG) :


The above quote looks like some C++, but I’m pretty sure it’s missing an “=”.   And has a semi-colon in the wrong place – this would be the equivalent in C# :





Anyway – I digress.   The MAIN reason to check out the website (IMHO) is to see the locations for the cafes with free wireless (“Show me the WiFi !!”).

There’s a bunch of them in Melbourne and Sydney – and a dozen of so in BrisbanePerth has begun too – FOUR on the map to start with.

CafeScreen – Locations

Here’s the list of cafes in Melbourne CBD – there’s even some listed in Docklands, SouthBank – and St.Kilda Rd.


No – I’m *NOT* affiliated with CafeScreen, or have any reason to promote them – I just like free wireless !    And good coffee too…



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