Search Provider for Twitter

One of the cool features within Internet Explorer is the “search provider” box, in the top-right hand corner :


This allows you to type in a search value – eg. Nine Inch Nails – and then one-click to search Wikipedia (I use that a lot) – or to Google, Amazon – and there’s lots more available online – AOL, Lycos, Yahoo, ESPN, eBay – just to name a few.

Twitter also has a search page – which is now the surrogate alternative for “hashtags” – which went kaput after the Twitter API was changed somewhat.  No updates or action since July 2008.

Instead, became the only way to view hashtags – this was especially useful during Tech.Ed 2008 in Sydney – when I could just search for #teau08.  I was even able to subscribe to an RSS feed – and view later.


So – what has this got to do with Internet Explorer ?

Well – you can add a “search provider” to allow you to search twitter – and thus search for hashtags, or other text – and it couldn’t be simpler.

  • Just click on “Find More Providers”



  • Just click “Add Provider” on the next screen


Now – the find bar shows Twitter as an option :



And you can now quickly & easily search for hashtags – or whatever else you might be looking for – LIVE on the Twittersphere.

Click here to see the Twitter feed for GrumpyWookie.



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