Split view browsing ?

With the newly released (beta) for both Internet Explorer 8.0, and Google Chrome, I’ve noticed that NEITHER browser – nor even Firefox 3 – has one of the most simple (yet extremely useful) features from Microsoft Word, Excel – and many other products – even Visual Studio.

I don’t know the exact term – I just call it “split view”.   When editing a Word document, you can just click and draaag the bar down, and get TWO views of the same document.   REALLY good for cross-referencing sections and proof reading :



Also – within Visual Studio – when working with a large code module – such as a C# class or ASPX :



And Microsoft Excel even has TWO scrollers for split view ! 



BUT – for some reason – you can’t do this in a browser.   

“Why would you want to ?” – I hear you say…

Tonight, I was watching a video clip, and there was a long article below, with discussion ABOUT the video, etc – not just YouTube style “comments”.  It would’ve been good to have the video in the top pane, and then scroll the rest (ie. split view)

Also – it would be great when scrolling long pages – to be able to see different parts of the same page (or a different page – hhmm, there’s a thought !)

Neither the new BETA versions of Internet Explorer 8.0 – nor Google Chrome – or even Firefox 3 (most recent Mozilla browser) will do this.

Don’t tell me I need to get “Opera” – coz that’s not gonna happen !

If anyone knows how – or if I’ve totally missed something – please let me know !


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