Announcement : Steve Ballmer

Found a video with a keynote from Steve Ballmer, where he mentions that Microsoft are considered a cloud-based (cloud-oriented) operating system !

“We need a new operating system designed for the cloud and we will introduce one in about four weeks, we’ll even have a name to give you by then.

But let’s just call it for the purposes of today ‘Windows Cloud’.”

In about 4 weeks ?   Would that be PDC ?

Watch the keynote from the event here.  

The conference was entitled “Technologies to Change Your Business:  How Customers Are Implementing Tomorrow’s Strategies Today”…   Microsoft, was showcasing a number of successful case studies on its Hyper-V technologies.

Some bold statements from Steve Ballmer :

So, we are embracing, Software + Services, Cloud Computing as hard as anybody.

By the time we finish our Professional Developers Conference this month, I think you’ll have to say, that there is nobody out there with as wider range of Cloud Computing services as Microsoft including dare I say it, Google.

The post also has a text of some of the questions and answers, in which Ballmer says they’re not competing with Google Docs – but more with Microsoft Office.   The plan (sounds like) there will be a web-based Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint with lesser features than the full desktop versions, but still functional enough. 

Has anyone seen Outlook Web Access (OWA) ?   Very rich user interface – with about 60-70% of the same functionality – at a guess.  I’ve worked on client sites, and it’s been the ONLY way to get to corporate emails – and it’s been juuust fine.

I guess there’s a lot of data centre power needed too – well, they’ve got Windows Live, and Hotmail – as well as plans afoot for more “” capabilities on the way – and SharePoint hosting a likely candidate too !

Can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon – even MORE excited to check out PDC !

Click here to see the keynote (video – 38 mins).

Source : The Web Pitch


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