Visual Studio 2010

Even though many organisations are only just moving to Visual Studio 2008 – lots of great new features, by the way – there’s some vNext action afoot, even prior to PDC – or more accurately “Team System” :

September 29th – October 3rd is Visual Studio Team System 2010 week on Channel 9!

All week long we’re bringing you demonstrations of Visual Studio Team System 2010 along with in-depth interviews with the product team.

Click here to read about all of the details, including the schedule of upcoming content.

And – found some other articles on the interwebs :

Microsoft shares early videos, screenshots of Visual Studio 2010 – mentions that Windows 7 is on the horizon, and thus the timing for developer tools will follow, with some cool modelling tools for code architecture, and UML modelling – as well as .NET 4.0 :

One of the architectural modeling tools in the next version of Microsoft Visual Studio.  [Courtesy Microsoft] A screenshot of the code architecture module in an early beta of Visual Studio 2010. [Courtesy Microsoft]

And :

The next edition of the .NET Framework, numbered 4.0, will play a major role in the next Visual Studio, although marketers today were keeping mum about many of its new features until a later date.

A final release timetable has yet to be shared with the public, although calling this project "2010" gives Microsoft the freedom to roll it out as soon as the fall of next year, and as late as the following spring — which, not too coincidentally, is the same target timeframe being speculated upon for Windows 7.

Full Article : BetaNews

There’s the usual "vague” hype/buzz from Microsoft – and more screenshots :

Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0 mark the next generation of developer tools from Microsoft.

Designed to address the latest needs of developers, Visual Studio and the .NET Framework deliver key innovations in the following pillars:

  • Democratizing Application Lifecycle Management
  • Enabling emerging trends
  • Inspiring developer delight
  • Riding the next generation platform wave
  • Breakthrough Departmental Applications

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 Overview 

Watch this space – will be good to see it in action – I’m sure PDC will bring more details and functionality.


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