XBMC Atlantis

Unfortunately, I’m not “up with the times” and (only) own an XBox – not an XBox 360.  But – I never really play games, and have the Wii for that.  

Instead, my XBox is nearly exclusively a media center – or more precisely – an XBox Media Center (XBMC) – with MORE functions that the media center via XBox 360 – and looks nicer too !  

I simply run some home-brew / open source software (XBMC) – and I can play MP3’s from my PC, and any format movie – DivX, XViD, AVI, DVD – and even opens ZIP files, and can play from there.  I’ve never found a file it can’t play to be honest !

The name XBMC tells the XBox origins – but there’s now a Beta version of XBMC for the PC, Mac and Linux (!) – entitled XBMC Atlantis :

XBMC is an award winning media center application for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and XBox.

The ultimate hub for all your media, XBMC is easy to use, looks slick, and has a large helpful community. Try it now!


XBMC began life as a kinda rip-off – or copy – of Windows Media Centre – but I actually prefer it – and can now use it on my computer too.   w00t !

TIP : Took me a minute or so to work out some of the controls when controlling XBMC with a mouse.   Click to enter a menu (kinda obvious) – but need to right-click to step backwards – there is no “back” button on the screen.  

And double-right-click when a song or movie clip is playing to exit.   Normal click is just a start-stop action.  

Some more details :

XBMC is currently available for Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS X (Intel-based Leopard and Tiger), Microsoft Windows, and the original (first-generation) Xbox.

We are currently at Beta 1 for our upcoming release codenamed Atlantis.

It should be noted that XBMC requires OpenGL 1.4 support, at a minimum, to function.

Click here to download.  And some screenshots here.


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