Last prank – no returns !

Was nearly two weeks ago that my last day working for SDM+DWS was in the office, for some hand-over, exit interview, donuts, long lunch – and early exit to the pub.

But – still had time for one last prank – been wanting to do this for a while !   

Was originally planned for an April Fools Day joke – but we couldn’t be bothered that day – and the “victim” worked late the night before – until about 7 pm !

Without naming names – this MVP has a swag of desk-junk (with my desk being a close 2nd, admittedly).  

From Star Wars toys, Halo, Transformers, Mr Potato Heads (including the Indiana Jones, complete with theme tune hat !) – and some computer text books (one of which had a cheese slice inside for nearly 2 years – and was moved offices, and desk locations without being found !)

With the help of an accomplice, we EMPTIED his desk – and even wiped it clean ! 





Not to worry, we simple re-located his desk to another area in the building – down the hall, and up a flight of stairs !

Here’s the same desk setup in it’s new home – we tried to reproduce the desk junk as close as possible – complete with the blue-tac’ed Lord Of The Rings figurines.


Sorry dude (yes – I know you read my blog) – but was a good prank, you gotta admit that !    Serves you right for heading off to Tech Ed !  

he he !



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