Say ‘cheese’ !

With my new Canon EOS 450D, I’ve had some great fun working through the manual and figuring out the various functions and settings for the new camera.  

I’ve been able to use some old lenses, tripod, and remote-release jigger from my old Canon EOS 500N (bought duty free on P&O cruise in early 2000).

The camera operation is very similar to my older Canon film-based SLR – the functions & dials on Canon camera’s are always similar – in the same way as Nokia phones are all “similar” in operation.  

But – of course, can view shots instantly – on the huuuge 3 inch screen – and has a 12.2 megapixel image sensor !    (Full details here)

The first few photos were just of the couch, a wine glass, and some other sample test shots, but the next day, took lots of photos of the kids !

I was working on some “depth of field” stuff with this first one – Cameron’s face is in focus, but his ears, and PJ’s are blurred – will be some great photography ahead with this new SLR !!


Another good “depth of field” example – focused on the car, with a very serious Cameron driving it along.

Liam – I want that dummy – look how cute I am !

Liam standing at window sill – beach in the background (across the street – he he)

Our dog Chloe, lying on the beach.   For a “Golden Retriever”, she was pretty much SCARED of the water !  

Samuel – a friend’s kid – love the “sepia” look.

Just near Hopetoun Falls – used a tripod for this one – and have the same in colour here.

Hopetoun Falls – also taken with a tripod, to get the looong exposure needed (about 1.5 seconds).  

Nice view on the beach – Johanna Beach, just off the Great Ocean Rd.

I’ve loaded up a bunch of pics to Picasa (including the ones above).

Click here to see the rest…!



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