There’s a Microsoft product for almost everything

Have been checking through the tweets, posts and wash-up from Tech.Ed Australia 2008 (#teau08) – and found a cool article from someone who “has some new thoughts on Microsoft”.

This is from a Linux devotee (13 years) – and via workplace changes, is moving to a Microsoft stack of development. 

And, acknowledges that a lot of people bash Microsoft – with comments/posts such as :

MSFT is in trouble because Windows Vista does not sell. They are in trouble because Firefox/ Chrome are taking up more shares in the market. Google Docs is so much better than Office 2007 (yeah right). Zune is crap. Jerry Seinfeld + Bill Gates is worse. Etc.

But – the reality is :

Microsoft is much more than just a software company

Worth a read-thru, some interesting commentary from someone “outside” of the Microsoft arena.

Thoughts on Microsoft after Tech Ed 2008

Especially when you consider his first post (day 1 of Tech Ed) :

“Enemy Territory” — because I went to a conference promoting Microsoft products and were surrounded by Microsoft-worshipping geeks today, from 8:30am to 6:45pm. Not the greatest experience, and I was totally overwhelmed at how many “stormtroppers” who actually attended Tech.Ed.

His day by day account of Tech Ed :

Source : Scott Yang


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