Lots to tell

Have been offline, offtweet, and a self-imposed “Gilligan” for a week or so, a much needed “un-plug” after a crazy few weeks.

Firstly, weekends have been busy digging, and raking, and then pouring concrete, for a new backyard patio (post+photos to come).

Work-life has changed, to say the least.   The short version is that I’ve left SDM, after nearly 3 years (one month shy of).   Lots of “reasons” – the simplest is that my previous employer bought SDM, and there were lots of changes in play – back to the way things were that caused me to leave previously !   Suffice to say that “the longer version” is best discussed over a beer or three. 

Anyway – In a week from now, I’ll be starting work at Dimension Data – you could say that I’m simply doing a “data exchange” – from Strategic Data Management – to Dimension Data


My new role will be within the Application Integration team, essentially SharePoint, and some K2 as well – to help grow the practice, and technical developer/architect.  (This will be the 10th employment venture for me – in 15.5 years !)

So, prior to embarking on a new career chapter, there was a need to take some time off.  So, the family was packed into the station wagon – wife, 2 kids and dog – and we hitched up the trailer (yep – graduated to needing a trailer for a holiday !) – and headed down to Apollo Bay, along the Great Ocean Road.

We had an awesome house to stay at, only a block from the beach – we could see the waves crashing while we sat at the breakfast table – nice on the balcony too.   Have LOTS of photos – thanks to the new digital SLR I received for Father’s Day !

Canon EOS 450D has been on my wish-list for a long time – actually, I’d originally wanted the previous model (400D), that’s how long I’ve waited !     I’m a fairly keen & avid photographer, really enjoyed doing some technical bits & pieces, and getting through the manual.   I’ll post some of my best shots (out of the 328 taken in 5 days !    There’s gotta be a FEW good ones in that lot, eh ?)

Back home – looking forward to a week at home – have taken 2 weeks in total, half-gone already.   In exactly 7 days from now, it’ll be a “school night”, but that’s a whole week away !


Other happenings, and notables :  

  • new Metallica CD is great !    *yay*
  • new TV shows arriving – Terminator Sarah Conner Chronicles Season 2
  • Fringe – looks very interesting (from JJ Abrahams, same dude who created LOST).
  • new Australian Top Gear starts soon (Mon Sept 29)   Can join the studio audience, but only in Sydney…    😦
  • Taking family to Melbourne Aquarium tomorrow – haven’t been for many years, will be interesting to see what Cameron & Liam think of it
  • Home from holidays, and opening mail/letters, and received a shares certificate from the company I’ve just resigned from (for the second time !)

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