For those who know me, and have seen my laptop, you’d immediate recognize it if you saw it anywhere.  Complete with a bunch of stickers, it’s definitely “unique”.


Anyway, I’ll be handing back my laptop in a week or so, and have to remove all the stickers !   😦    Kinda sad, really !    Here’s what they all are (were) :

  • I [heart] TechNet – from TechEd 2007, Gold Coast
  • K2 Underground (x2) – also from TechEd 2007
  • Daily WTF – a favourite blog – nerd humour
  • Silverlight, RSS – from ReMIX 08
  • eBoy (x2) – also have these same two on my car (!)
  • Blue Monster – Change the world or go home (Microsoft)

Looks a bit worse for wear – that shift key is “shiny” !!


My DELL D820 started out with 2 GB of RAM, and was upped to 4 GB when some guys at work received the new D830 – with a slightly faster processor.  And – they had 4GB – so I got 4GB.   πŸ™‚

The very best feature (by far) is the screen – with a 1920 x 1200 – WSXGA, or something like that ?

It’s been a great dev. machine – began life as Windows XP, then re-imaged to XP – and then to Windows Vista.  Lots of VM and Visual Studio action – and Outlook, sheesh – who doesn’t live in their InBox !

I’ve probably this laptop less than 2 years, but has been to Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, and Gold Coast (Tech.Ed) and across to Denver, Colorado also. 

What happens on tour stays on tour.   πŸ™‚

When I was in America, there was mucho blogging & surfing happening at LAX airport, and all over Denver – and the Colorado Rockies.  When returning home – and at LAX – I was MSG’ing and blogging and didn’t hear my flight call – but I did hear the announcement !   “Mr O’Connor, can you make your way to the gate please” !!    Had to slam the lid closed, grab and run !

Same thing happened when I was at LAX in 1994, another story there – no laptop that time.

And – it’s what I’ve written the chapter for Professional K2 BlackPearl, whilst on the fouton couch in the study (on laptop) – usually listening to Serpent Saints by Entombed or The Last Sucker by Ministry.


Cool photos, eh ?   Taken on my Nokia 6620 – with a 5 mega pixel camera.

Goodbye to SDM337 – my fourth DELL laptop.   I’ll be getting a Lenovo soon – more on that to follow.



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