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Kevin Kelly has made himself a 6 foot tall robot – made entirely out of styrofoam !

For years I’ve been saving the styrofoam packing that protects the new devices that arrive in our American household. Computer gear especially is sheathed in custom-fit styrofoam armor, and I hated to throw it out because it was beautiful stuff.

I took the little bits to the recycling center, but the large, intricate, weirdly organic pieces I stockpiled in my basement. I was just looking for an idea of what to do with them.

The Styrobot is made entirely of the foam packaging material that arrived at our house in the last five years.

Check out the size of that robot !    As big as a book-case – and towers over his son standing next to it !


Click here to read more – and some more photos.

Click here to see some more polystyrene robot sculptures – some are incredible !   The largest of them is 22 feet tall !!

Polystyrene Robot 02

Source : eBoy blog


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