Building Games with Silverlight

Some interesting presentations and audio from “GameFest 2008″…>

Building Games with Silverlight

Learn how two developers used Microsoft Silverlight to create popular casual games.

Each developer will dive into their experience and discuss key takeaways that will help you in developing games with Silverlight.

Game Programming with Silverlight 2

This session will include a complete walkthrough on how to build a game with Silverlight 2 using Visual Studio 2008.

Topics include creating your game UI, integrating media, setting up your game loop logic, animation, web services and multiplayer networking.

Very cool – will have to watch/try some of these examples.

There’s some great stuff with Silverlight on the horizon – with regard to Silverlight + SharePoint (and also K2 !).

Keep an eye on Tech Ed Australia (next week) for announcements & probably a “release date” for the RTM of Silverlight 2 (currently Beta 2).

Silverlight is going to take over the world !   



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