One Cog is better than two ?

Cog are an awesome power-rock/progressive-rock trio from Australia, originally based out of Bondi Beach, Sydney.  

Some may remember my “cog-mobile” – easy to notice my car with the big COG sticker on the back bumper – some would say it was re-COG-nize.  🙂

When I’d first seen/heard them live, they had two EP’s of songs – entitled “Just Visiting” – part I and II.   Which I bought for $10 each at the T-shirt stand after the show.

Cover art Cover art

Don’t really know why, but one of the tracks is entitled “1010011010” – which is actually 666 in binary – go figure !

I think I’ve seen them 6 or more times – the first time was at “The Gershwin Room” at The Espy. 

Lots of other shows – small pub shows (The Armadale & Ferntree Gully) to larger pub shows (The HiFi) – and even big festivals (Big Day Out).

Many of these shows were after their awesome “The New Normal” album – although I haven’t seen them live for a while, not since they’ve released the more recent “Sharing Space”.

Anyway, they’re re-releasing their original EP’s as a single album – the way it was intended to be – and has been tweaked/re-mastered.

In 2002 Cog released their debut EPs Just Visiting Parts I and II.

The EPs were actually originally recorded and intended to be released as a debut album. Touring plans and prevailing agendas changed that.

Now in 2008 Cog have the opportunity to re-release the recordings in their original album format with the intended track listing and with the never previously heard original (long) version of Bondi.

Additionally Lucius spent time at Studios 301 tweaking the audio master so as to present the recordings in their best possible light.

Just Visiting – the album, is available now from all good record stores and on iTunes.

Source : Just Visiting The Album hits stores (Cog Blog)

Click here to read more about COG (and here – MySpace).

An amazing story about the history of “COG” – I’d seen a band in the early 90’s called “The Hanging Tree” – who were the support band for The Screaming Jets – and there was an insane mosh and crowd reaction – I’d even been for a “tumble” (crowd-surf).

I remember hunting around recently for information, but couldn’t find anything (Google) – and was looking at T-shirts for COG, and “accidentally” stumbled upon the fact that two of the three members of COG had been in The Hanging Tree !

The original 1996 album is available here.   Some great riffs & Kyuss style grooves – and you can hear a lot of “COG” in some of those tunes.

The Hanging Tree LP


One thought on “One Cog is better than two ?

  1. Hey mate, been searching for The Hanging Tree album for quite awhile now. Stumbled across this blog, don’t suppose you have a copy you’re willing to sell me?

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