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1st time to the footy

Cameron and I went off to the Richmond v Hawthorn match today – was his first time to the MCG, and first AFL game.   Train ride was packed – lots of people when we got to Richmond train station.

I was amazed to see a poster about “Shane Warne : The Musical” – surely that must a joke !   But no – it’s real !    Click here to see.


Cameron had his face painted – and was walking around yelling ROAR !   

He’s definitely a Tigers fan – wasn’t interested in the “Hawks”…


Of course – we HAD to have a pie at the footy – it’s the rules !  


Was fun to meet up with some other friends too – Charlotte had her face painted as well – another Tigers supporter…


Was about 8 minutes into the second quarter, when Cameron starting saying “I reeeally want to go hoooome”.   I didn’t think he’d last the whole game – but we got to half-time at least !    (Half time = home time, eh ?)

Here’s another shot from Richmond train station – with the MCG in the background.


Thanks matey – hopefully next time we can stay till the end – Richmond won by the way !    (by 29 points)


2 Responses

  1. […] Took Cameron to his first footy match – Richmond vs. Hawthorn.   We left at half time.  Richmond won, we just weren’t there to see it ! […]

  2. Cool pix! go the Tigers!

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