It’s like what now ?

Yesterday, we went to our niece’s 2nd birthday (Happy Birthday Millie !).   There were kids games – and lots of noise & action – and a few tears.  

Cameron was pretty upset after going out first in the musical chairs – he burst into tears, and needed a hug !

He won the next game though – Oranges & Lemons – and won a lizard shaped pen.

IMG_6490 IMG_6491

We were having a quick look at the packaging – made in China ! – and there was some interesting wording about it (it’s just a pen – for a start !)

Here’s the words :

Recycle pen,and can twist discretional as you want.  It has the good handle as cover with soft skin in the surface.


WTF !??



One thought on “It’s like what now ?

  1. I love it!

    I might also take them up on their offer of “We can product ballpen with any shape you want”. I’m thinking the shape of dark matter.

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