Link Junk

A few quick web sites that I found while poking about on the interwebs, and had some shortcuts to from some when or other.  

Worth a view, if you have some time to kill, or at lunch, waiting for a plane, dodging clients, dodging wife, etc.

Nikon Universcale

Nice animations (from Nikon), and displays a comparison of “sizes”, from microscopic, to planet size – and everything in between.  The scale includes micro-meters, to kilometres in size.   And even measurements of light light, up to 100 billion light years.   It kinda makes you feel a little insignificant when comparing to the solar system !


Mr PicassoHead

Another “generator” of sorts, in which you can create a face/head, using symbols and artwork as would be seen in a Picasso painting.   Complete with the weird eyes, and noses, etc – you can make an avatar, or self-portrait. 

Here’s an example that I created (ok – so I’m no Picasso) :


Make Your Coat Of Arms

As the name suggests, make your coat of arms allows you to customize a crest and emblem for your family tradition – the site has an amazing list of different shields, labelling, and icons to include.  I thought I’d try out one for the Grumpy Wookie coat of arms :


Custom Receipt Maker

This last one could be lots of fun, to prank office workers, leaving around “evidence” of certain purchases that could be deemed embarrassing.  Would be some great laughs – and replies of “I’m telling you, that’s not mine !”  (another Austin Powers reference).

For now, I’ve stuck to the theme (in case you hadn’t guessed) :



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