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Pretty Fly (for a young guy)

On Saturday afternoon, Cameron & I took a ride out to Tullamarine airport to collect his Nanna & Granddad (my parents).

We had some time to kill, as their flight was delayed – was great fun to watch the planes landing & taking off.  

Cameron wanted to “go outside” – but convinced him it was too cold, maybe another day.


When Nanna & Granddad arrived, he went running towards them, stepped around Nanna – and straight to Granddad !    (much to Nanna’s surprise & disappointment).

He excitedly told them that we’d parked next to a Porsche 911 (nine-eweven) – and was showing them his flappy-arms – just some Qantas baggage tags on each wrist.


Thanks Cameron – made the airport-run a fun trip.

Sorry that the image quality is a bit low – was simply on the camera phone.


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