Business NINtelligence via Google Earth

As regular readers would be aware, I’m a big fan of Nine Inch Nails, and Trent Reznor’s approach to using the new technologies out there – including FaceBook, MySpace, BitTorrent, and many more.

With the forthcoming US tour, you can now view the dates on a map, and add to your calendar :

On the tour page, you’ll find links and instructions for subscribing to NIN tour dates via a variety of methods, including Facebook, MySpace, iCal, iLike, and now, Google Earth and Google Calendar.

Very cool to see the layer created to show the upcoming tour dates for their American tour :


Here’s the view of the tour at Red Rocks, in Denver :


His latest addition is to create another “layer” for Google Earth, which displays various lines, depicting the numbers of downloads – for the new “the slip” album.

Trent has posted a Google Earth KML file which charts the approximately 1,400,000 people who have downloaded The Slip from according to their geographic region. Full details at

CLICK HERE to download the KML file.

To use it, please make sure you have the Google Earth software installed first.

More screenshots:

Looks like there were quite a few downloaded in Melbourne, Australia – but the map is upside down !


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