Half-way thru 2008

Today is the last day of the financial year, and while not technically the middle day of the year, it’s essentially the cut-over point for lots of stuff.  July 1 is the new tax year, and (for me) some changes afoot at work.  Lots of good stuff to come (hopefully !) – but for now, I’m going to take a look back at 2008 to date.

The new year began with the launch of the a new utility for SharePoint 2007 (SafeControl Adder) developed during the Christmas break.  I looked back at 18 years online and sent Flat Stanley to Chicago. Another WebPart post, and (sadly) the death of Heath Ledger.

Netscape died also, but Windows Server 2008 was released, and some sharePoint WebPart Project templates for Visual Studio 2008 – and (finally) Windows Vista SP1.  This prompted a PC re-install – to Vista x64.  But then – problems installing Visual Studio 2008 on Vista x64.

Cameron had a great birthday at Puffing Billy and O’Connor Airlines was spotted !  February closed with a SharePoint + Visio presentation at MOSSIG – showing K2 also.

Cameron and I went to the motor show (check out the grid girls) and Trent Reznor continued to blow my mind with the release of Ghosts.  I showed Liam’s leg in plaster and made a push for donations for RCH Good Friday appeal. 

MIX and ReMIX  got the nerds & tweeps chattering – and then I was home-nerding with Windows Server 2008 + SharePoint 2007 and a few tough nights battling Silverlight and SharePoint – S+S Blueprints, Getting started with Silverlight BluePrint, Installing Silverlight for VS2008, Success – Hello World Silverlight.

April began with a Grumpy Wookie style April Fool’s Day joke, with my Windows Server 2008 on PlayStation3 post hitting 600 hits in a day – still unbeaten !   But, we did see a PS/3 cluster super-computer.

Some tips regarding TFS users, Word + SharePoint, SQL Server (generating scripts) – and then it was off to America !

First stop free wireless + nostalgia in the Los Angeles Airport (LAX) food court. Followed by free wireless in the Denver International Airport (DIA) food court. A day of fun in the snow (Snowy Wookie) – a quick SharePoint post and onto the K2 conference.

Too busy having fun to blog until it was time to be heading home – more recaps of last two days in America – typed that last one using *paid* wireless at LAX airport, and nearly missed my flight home !   “Paging Mr. O’Connor !!?!!”

A recap of the K2 Insider Conference over at devk2.net, and a few more photos of random stuff seen in USA

Then – more new Nine Inch Nails and Live Mesh to have a play with (Live Mesh – First Touch).  And I offered some tips regarding CTRL-K, the hyperlink wonder-key !!

Liam had a 1/2 birthday, and Cameron had a digital camera to play with.

I musta been cranky on May 1st, with a tirade about SharePoint noise, and dodged Shutdown Day – can I survive 24 hours ?    Umm – nup.

MORE new Nine Inch Nails, and I went to see Helmet (awesome !)  Trent Reznor teased with a Countdown is on to…? ….  the slip !

I checked out a tool to help speed up IIS, ASP.NET, SharePoint, and lavished more praise on Trent Reznor (Frontlash for Trent).

Some MOSS Version Checking, and IIS MetaBase stuff and a huuuuge post about SharePoint Publishing WebService integration.  Followed by an equally loooong post about how to fix SharePoint workflows after deactivation.

Cameron and I made a video !   ShaaarePooiiiiint !

And, the City Of Melbourne website went liveReMIX build-up, and main event.

And there were some fun & distractions with RED vs BLUE , Pixel Art and landing on Mars !   *WTF*   Who writes this sh1t !

The next MOSSIG meeting was the Workflow symposium, covered in full at devk2.net.

K2 rules !   June was full of K2 – with the new blog de la Vega, and K2 blackpoint !!  Other great annoucements at Tech.Ed USA, especially VSeWSS 1.2 and the new Microsoft SharePoint Developer website.

Cameron and I went riding on the freeway and there was even more Nine Inch Nails happenings – Nine Inch Nails – Live from rehearsals, Tour Artists Sampler EP

And – another reason I haven’t blogged for a bit is that we have a Nintendo Wii !   Yes – will do a full “glowing” review soon.

In total, I’ve had 103 posts for the first half of the year – about 4 per week, or there abouts ?    Will see what the rest of 2008 brings !

Happy New Year !!


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