Open Letter to EB Games

We have a Wii !   My wife bought us a Nintendo Wii and WiiFit yesterday – no thanks to the gang at EB Games in Knox City shopping centre.

Will comment more on the Nintendo Wii, but thought I’d paste in the letter that I just posted to the EB Games website.

WARNING : <rant>


I’d like to notify you of our recent poor customer experience within your store.  My wife was looking to buy a Nintendo Wii Console and controller, and was in your KNOX store on Friday (yesterday).  

Firstly, she had trouble navigating around the shop, the crowded shelves & aisles were difficult to move about with the pram (younger child in the pram, with our older child at kindergarten).

More importantly though, she was then unable to receive any assistance, or help from the people behind the counter.

There were three staff members in the store – one of them was chatting on the mobile phone, and the other two were chatting to each other, ignoring customers wanting assistance.

My wife told me that there was only one other person in the store, also not receiving any help, and she was unable to “catch the eye” of a staff member, to ask questions, and enquire about buying the Wii console.

She gave up after a few attempts to “signal” for help – and left the store.  She went across to Toys-R-Us, and bought the Nintendo Wii, WiiFit and extra controller.

She was rather surprised and little angered about the experience in your store – and so this note is to relay the fact that your staff basically missed out on the $600 sale.

I’m sure this is not a regularly occurrence for customers, but I can’t imagine we’ll be visiting your store for any further games, controllers, or recommending to friends or family.

While we understand that many customers like to “browse”, the staff should at least acknowledge, or say “hello !” when a customer enters, and then be available for any assistance, especially on a quiet day (such as when only 2 customers in the store – more staff than customers !)

Hopefully you can pass this on to management and staff within the Knox store.



2 thoughts on “Open Letter to EB Games

  1. Could you wife have not walked up to the staff and said “excuse me, i would like some help”? I know its besides the point…but come on, does she not have a voice??

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